Sell Queue query

  • New to this so just wondering if anyone can help?

    Original cost price of player A is £2.00.
    Bought one share at £2.00
    Value rises to £2.04
    Available 'instant sell' price offered is £1.99

    Obviously don't want to make a loss so I decline this option.
    If I join the 'Sell Queue' does this guarantee the £2.04 value price when somebody next buys him or will it be at the market price at that time?

    Asking because if it takes an age for somebody to buy him, the price could have dropped even lower than the £1.99 originally offered suffering bigger loses.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • When joining the sell queue you get the price at time of selling as you suggested.
    However you can set a reserve price which must be 1p lower than the value price to protect yourself from market drops.
    You will automatically be removed from the queue and receive your shares back if dropping below your reserve price

  • @Craig4152 Thanks Craig. I think I get that?!?

  • @NewUser82101 As Craig said!

    Instant Sell allows you to close a position quickly and is available the majority of the time, however it is slightly more expensive than the Sell Queue.

    Sell Queue offers the potential of a better price, however it may take hours of days to sell depending on demand for the player at the time.

  • So in other words if nobody buys at the sell queue and the value plummets beyond the reserve price the following happens:
    1/ I still own the shares at a much lesser value.
    2/ I haven't made any 'actual' monetary loss in any transaction.
    3/ I have to wait until the share price recovers to a figure I wish to sell at in the future?

    If my assumptions are correct then I'd rather pay the spread and sell instantly otherwise I could be stuck with this player for a very long time.

  • @NewUser82101 that's correct. 3) - You do not have to wait until share price recovers - you can sell, BUT you can to make your money back.

  • Thanks guys for all your help.

  • Instant sell when the player price is dropping
    Market sell when it's not.

  • @CleanShirtTrader Thank you

  • @CleanShirtTrader simple as!

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