Football Index FAQs

  • Thought it would be good to start a thread for this so we can just direct newbies (or not) here to answer common questions.
    Feel free to add any others you think need to be included in the comments below, or if any of it becomes out of date, incorrect or could be worded more clearly..

    Q- How do I use/access my dividends
    A- What you see as your 'dividends' on the site is just a running total of all the payouts you've had. Each night, any dividends go into your cash balance.

    Q- What is 'buzz'/PB/MB
    A- Another name for the dividends you get paid for owning a player who either gets the highest media attention (Media Buzz) or the best Opta stats (Performance Buzz). This is paid each night after midnight, and can be seen in the Live Rankings section of the site/app.

    Q- What's the difference between instant sell and sell to market
    A- Instant sell means FI will buy your share(s) back for the price there. Not always the best value, but your best bet if the price is dropping fast. Sell to market is where you put your player up for sale. It'll be in a queue and, if others buy him for the price you've set, yours will be sold. Each of these is subject to commission of c.2%, which is paid after the sale

    Q- How is PB (Performance Buzz) calculated
    A- Opta provide the stats. I'll pop a link here if someone can provide one, ideally on the FI site so it updates and the post doesn't get removed

    Q- What's the 3 year rule?
    A- Once you purchase an individual share in a player, it's valid for 3 years. After that, it expires. If you have 10 of a player, bought at different times, you will sell the 'oldest' first.

    Q- What's a 'Tracker'
    A- A waste of time as they currently are. Don't bother.

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