Chris Wood vs Mauro Icardi PB

  • Can someone please explain how Icardi got the FWD PB yesterday and not Chris Wood? I've contacted support but no reply as yet...

    I've got a screenshot that shows Wood outscored Icardi by 142 to 130. Any ideas?

  • Looked like a glitch to me

    Wood wasn't being recognised as a forward, he didn't seem to have a position

  • Does this happen often? Will they rectify and issue dividend for Wood?

  • No idea mate, first time I've seen it happen

    They should though if it's an error and if he did top score it's pretty clear

  • Ok cool, thanks mate.

  • I raised an issue last week because Wood wasn't even on the buzz list. I pointed this out and queried if similar had happened to others.

    They were investigating but never answered fully.

    FI need to sort these issues out if they're serious about ramping up.

  • Contact customer services- they sorted me out when i didn't get paid the right amount for Coutinho once.
    Don't ask, don't get.

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