Price Alerts

  • Question for the Devs! Would it be possible to add price alerts to the platform. Say I want to buy Zlatan but only if he drops to £2.20, currently I just have to just keep watching his price all day which isn't feasible.
    Progressing from that idea is having a firm order feature to buy players above or below the market price. For example, buy 50 Zlatan @ £2.20 top. I appreciate the second bit would be hard to do when selling with how the queue system works but would add a new dimension when buying players.
    Would be interested to see what other traders think of this idea?

  • @NewUser78784 great idea

  • Definitely need this. If I'm watching a player I'd like to know when he hits a certain price so I can decide if I should buy him or not

  • Agreed. I was thinking about this the other day funnily enough. It would be nice to add alerts for selling as well, perhaps setting a higher sell reserve price as well.

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