Historical data

  • So if anyone is after historical data or is bored of filling in spreadsheets for £1 per month I will send you all the data I capture plus analysis see below screenshots. I charge £1 per month cos it takes a lot of time to input data and I send out the file weekly. You have full access to the raw data.

    Data collected since mid November when the number of players in lists exploded

    What's captured. All PB scores >99 points, all MB scores >99 points, dividends paid by category, players club, position and age




  • That's a lot of work and kudos to you for doing it.

    Without wanting to step on your toes this is the kind of raw historical data that should be available on a paid for trading platform without the user having to manually collate it. Hope you make a few quid on it though as there's deffo a gap in the market at the moment.

  • @BobbingBob so FI keep promising data is coming but refuse to commit to what it will look like or when it will come. There is a football index edge option which costs something like £7 per month so I just wanted to give people a cheaper alternative :)

  • @Noirx4 Fair play to you mate.

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