@Vespasian32 said in How many players do you have in your portfolio and what is your average number of dividends?:

@Tom77 fwiw that's not my constant strategy... I shrink and bloat my port through stages of the season... By October I'll probably be up to 30 or so players as I reinvest divs into pb players and probably derisk my large holdings and diversify. Last season when we got to knockout rounds of europa and CL I had about 60 players. Going into April loaded up on players I thought would be involved in transfers... Sold all of them on the spike, stack high in neymar and pogba for media madness...
I'm active enough to be able to trade like this. I fully understand some people like to have a more consistent strategy and will maintain a diverse port at all times

I turned around my port completely over the summer, no one over £2.20 now.