Mattia De Sciglio

  • Looking for some honest opinions. I am thinking of investing in Mattia De Sciglio but more than that, I'm still fairly new to the index and want to understand his price and likely future rise.
    So his current price is 68p. As a comparision his partners in the Juve back 3 are Benatia at £1.61 and Barzagli at 64p.
    All 3 have a good PB baseline and play for a top side in their league as well as being full Internationals. I would put Barzagli's price down to his age and being close to the end of his career similiar to Bonucci now at Milan. Benatia and De Sciglio are much closer in age but £1 apart in price.
    Looks to me like Benatia is more established at Juve and IPO'd higher but logic tells me De Sciglio is likely to rise in price to over £1 over time. I know Italy aren't in the WC which may put people off but looks like an opportunity to me.
    Does my thinking make sense or am I missing something?

  • @NewUser114673 I bought some earlier in the week and he's up 10p for me thus far, although that's mainly due to Juve playing tonight. I'd imagine if he doesn't play or get a decent score then he'll go back down but I still think he's good value. Could easily be £1 if he stays fit and gets a good run of games as his performances when he has played have been pretty good.

  • You'll get various answers to this mate but my opinion and value of defenders for PB revolves around Baseline and their ability to get that crucial GWG.

    Juve have plethora of defenders and you shouldn't just compare those 3 as they're all in the same category. Howedes, Rugani, Alex Sandro, Chiellini, Asamoah and Lichtsteiner.

    De Sciglio's major downfall for me is that he's scored 1 in 138 (assisting only 6)! So you're relying on his baseline outscoring the above alone on restricted game time in comparison.

    Of course there's a little more to the game than PB and there's always the chance he could be snapped up by a City/Utd/PSG/Real/Barca but it's more likely that he's focusing on the Old Lady and making the WC team.

    So in my not so humble opinion yeah he's cheap but it's for a good reason.

  • He is my biggest hold, tgeres a few good threads on him under friday the 9th games i think the thread is. He was the next big thing when at ac milan a few years ago, didn't get on with the coach, juve bought him, he us slowly discovering that form again and making the right back position his own which i see no reason fir his pruce to break the £1 barrier. Sandro is on £1.32 off tbe top of my head as the left back, ok he has transfer rumour pushing him up a bit.

  • @NewUser74233 I also hold some De Sciglio and can see him rising a bit more in theory, but the points about competition for PB in that Juve defence are valid. As someone mentioned, a GWG would see him shoot up, but he doesn't score many. Also worth noting that before he won PB the other week Alex Sandro was only worth just over a pound (1.03 I think). I know because I have a few futures in him too!

  • Comparing Alex Sandro with De Sciglio is like comparing Hysaj with Koulibaly @ Napoli, or Walker with Otamendi @ City to a lesser extent.

    Sandro has the WC coming up Di Sciglio hasn't, Sandro is creative and scores goals Di Sciglio doesn't, Sandro has masses of Xfer Spec and Di Sciglio doesn't.

    By all means compare Di Sciglio with some of the other Juve defenders but definitely not Sandro.

  • Lol, yeah i wasnt meaning to copare player for player so much more simply left for right

  • But as my original post theres no reason an established right back at the bigest team in itally cant reach £1 or slightly abòve. However he has ro establish himself first, hence the degree if rusk buying at that price, when hus counterpart is 34 and average i dont see it as much of a risk

  • He is and will be their second choice, they will let the old chap go and get another one in, de sciglio is a decent squad member but would nebpver be a regular at Juve unless he hits the form of his life or they get injuries

  • Read some old articles about him when at ac milan! He was the next best thing, lost his way when the new ciach took over, but slowly coming back to form. Ih and guess whi hus manager was at Ac Milan when he was coming through before being discarded, only the current Juve manager, do your home work, i stick by what i say he will make that position his own. But each to there own.

  • It's a decent debate to be fair, I'm just making a point that the ability of a player doesn't always reflect in their value when it comes to Football Index, under a different scoring system where his best traits are scored higher then he could be the Defensive King of the Index BUT on the current system I don't think he cuts the mustard based on being so goal shy.

    As a Spurs fan I think the world of Wanyama and Dembele, wouldn't swap them for anyone on the pitch but they're sh*te when it comes to making money on FI.

  • Always good to hear others points of view, I guess whether he starts tonight when Stephan Lichtsteiner is now fit will be a bench mark, and how his scores start to go, but to be first in and make real cash you have to take calculated risks, and this is one I don't see as to much of a risk. Only time will tell, but as we know if give a player time you have missed the boat, got to be in it to win it ;)

  • Fair enough, depends if you got him close to his IPO price I guess as that's all he can fall to plus a bit of commission. So in essence there are hundreds of players out there with negligible risk as it stands if you're happy to sit on them for a while - I usually end up selling mine to free up cash though, but c'est la vie!

  • I spotted De Sciglio a couple of weeks back at 47p realised he was coming back from injury had a good baseline and had a good chance of pushing 34yr old Lichsteiner out of the RB position for Juventus who are a clean sheet machine with midweek UCL games. So investing at 47p seemed like a no brainer it's turned out OK so far :-)

    IMO I would say that at 68p he's fairly priced compared to someone like Hysaj who plays RB for Napoli also had a great baseline but who also rarely scores/assists

    The question is whether De Sciglio can kick on because if he starts scoring/assisting more often he'd be a serious PB threat and also seriously undervalued at 68p. He's scored 1 in 6 games this season which a great ratio but of course a small sample size. We shall see...

  • Price is crashing as he has been named on the bench tonight, will likely come back up when he starts the next game ...

  • Wow that is a drop, some people are pretty fickle, you guys must be rubbing your hands at that. Wish it would happen to someone like Bourigeaud :-(

  • Should have taken the money and run to another target ;) he will never reach £1 imho but then again, your money your choice
    On a separate note there are loads of people just doing that I noticed, but and sell depending on a single game appearance or performance

  • @Ermejo never make any money buying and selling based on one game. Spread is too big. Certainly not on full backs anyway.

  • I did, i had a 1000 shares, soon as he did not make the team i popped smoke, got him an average 52p so at instant sell got rid of the lot at small profit. however there maybe saving him for the champs league

  • I notice vinicius junior has plummeted as well. Just shows how letting the ipo's have a few days to settle is often worth it.

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