Theo Bongonda

  • Shameless plug here but this kid is good.

    0.24p. Just moved to GENK for 7m. Skilful, Pacey wide player with 14 goals and 14 assists last season playing for a lesser side in the same league. Long term hold for me and the most shares I have in a player but he is quality (have a look) and will be playing in Europe this season.

  • Interesting find, scored over a third of Waregem's goals last season, will be interesting to see how he does for the Belgian Champions, Champions League football this coming season too. Will stick on the watchlist and monitor how he starts the season, could be a steal.

  • Looks class, will definatly rocket in the market. Bought 100 shares in him yesterday

  • @Sutt98 I bought 100 a couple of days back. Hopefully has a great season at Genk and gets noticed in the champions league and a PB team then buys him. Cant go wrong at that price.

  • Anyone who has bong in their name is worth investing in.

  • @TopTalentScout has he took Trossards place ?

  • @FootballScout101 Great shout and clearly people agree... he's already up to 0.28p!!

  • Just jumped in, as you say only way is up this season⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • @Matt-flint

    Yes mate I'm pretty sure he has and I think they smashed their transfer record to go get him.

  • @scfc

    Thank you mate.

    I advise everyone to go and watch him play, highlights at least. He can be a real crowd pleaser and hopefully he catches the eye in the Champions League. I have no doubts he will tear it up again in the Belgium league as he is now playing with better teammates and should help them fight for the league again. 14 goals and 14 assists is excellent output as well.

  • @FootballScout101 right I’m in for 250
    He could really fly 🚀🚀

  • @Matt-flint He might fly but will no doubt ease a little in price but I'm not looking at a short term gain here.
    This one is little risk so I'm gonna see how he develops next season.

    He is my cheapest hold and will be fun seeing where he is in say six months time.

    Fingers crossed eh😉

  • I’ve just put another 100 shares in. Very confident in the lad- and low risk at 32p

  • At 32p looks a good bet

  • @FootballScout101 genk are playing in Belgian supercup tonight any thoughts is this worth a punt 0.28 seems low risk to me

  • @NewUser332306 I’ve invested extra at 30p. Especially as there’s naff all football on in that time slot as well. I’m consious to get in early before team news comes out before people jump on him.

  • @NewUser332306

    I think very highly off him and plan to hold him long term. A lot of people will doubt him because he is not in a PB league, what I would say to them is simply watch him play. He will be there one day and has a good platform now to impress.

    To answer your question, I'm not sure if the Belgian super cup will be enough for him to rise that much but if you are planning to hold for a while, I really think he will impress in the champions league. He could really rocket this season if you are patient and I'm sure he will tear up the Belgian league at the very least.

  • @FootballScout101 thank you I got 300 at 0.28 will be holding long term I have seen him play a lot of talent and pace champions league will help aswell I agree with you

  • @FootballScout101 pump 💪💪💪💪💪all you like Just don't
    Dump 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
    I'm in 🤯🤯🤯🤪🤪 used my Gary Cahill shares he'll bluuurrrdddyy go to Arsenal or man u

  • So I checked him out on youtube videos, he's an attacking winger but looks more like the headless chicken type rather than the intelligent effective type so for me I'm out. Hope I'm wrong for your sakes though.

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