Theo Bongonda

  • @Wiillaah said in Theo Bongonda 0.24p:

    So I checked him out on youtube videos, he's an attacking winger but looks more like the headless chicken type rather than the intelligent effective type so for me I'm out. Hope I'm wrong for your sakes though.

    14 goals and 14 assists for a lesser team in the same league is fairly effective to be fair. Now playing for the champions, he should have far more opportunities to be productive. Champions league football too.

    I respect your opinion and each to their own but try and catch him for a full game rather than just using YouTube. I really like him.

  • @FootballScout101 It's a fair point but I'd have my doubts about him making the jump to the big leagues looking at his highlights...I could of course be wrong and he could turn out to be amazing but I'll give him a miss personally.

  • Iv gone in for 300, read everyones opinions and gone in blind but seems a safe bet

  • Anyone know how bad his injury is? Watch videos and he looks pretty decent to be fair


    He's back in training boys. Should be back to 100% by the time the CL starts.

    It's time! See original post as to why.

    @.29p at the moment and a 1p spread.

  • Currently at 600 shares, let’s hope eh?

  • @ScoutScout finally! Just topped up. Thanks for the heads up, here’s hoping for a big season from him and an English team in Genk’s CL group 🙏

  • Has anyone got an up to date article on this guy regarding his injury and timescale please as I can not find anything regarding him at all.

  • @Sutt98 - No probs mate and yeah an English team in the CL would be brilliant.

    @gball1975 - He is back in training. A Google search of his name in the past 24 hours brings up several articles confirming this. They are articles from Belgium though so you will have to translate. I have posted the search for you below. :)

    @Caldev95 - I feel as though, as soon as people get to see him kick a ball in the CL he will fly up and if his output is anything like it was last year, for a lesser team in the same league, he should get an even bigger move.

    He is a pretty big deal in Belgium, they spent the Trossard money on him and I think it could be the biggest fee ever paid by a Belgium club.

  • @ScoutScout Cheers pal. Thank I may take a few of those!!!

  • @gball1975: No worries mate, seems like a lot quite a lot of people have. He is .38p now.

  • Cheers think I'm getting on late as is up to 38. Starting port with a few growth players

  • @NewUser105911 he will still go up mate I’m sure if it

  • @ScoutScout not going to lie I hold a few how high can his price rise if it does any predictions?


    Hi mate, all it will take is one good performance in the CL and his price will fly.

    I hold 1200 because I believe in his talent, I'm not sure if you have seen him play but he has the style to really stand out when he is on form.

    CL draw later will be interesting, hoping for an English team in Genks group. Either way his talent will be on show.

  • @ScoutScout being a Chelsea supporter I’m hoping we draw genk I’m holding 600 currently looking to get more though draw is at 5 so if I do it will be before then cheers fella 🤞🤞

  • Bongonda still not quite back yet... I watch a lot of the games in the Jupiler and I'm surprised by the random players they have from the various teams.

    There are only a couple of stand-out players in my opinion... will be interesting to see if Bongonda can step up and make the grade at Genk.

    I'd liken him most to Djenepo who joined Southampton in the summer.

  • Genk in with Liverpool! Great result imo. Bongonda will get loads of attention if he plays.

  • @Sutt98 That is almost a perfect Group for Genk and Bongonda.

    Bongonda gets a chance to shine against Liverpool and Napoli.

    Plus they can scrap it out with Salzburg for third

    Very happy with that

  • @ScoutScout yup, i hold Minamino from Salzburg too, so I’m guaranteed to have a player through to the knockout rounds of the CL/EL.

    Definatly the best group for Bongonda holders. Hopefully get 100% on my Bongonda investment over time 🤞

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