Theo Bongonda

  • @Matt-flint yeah got in on 40 up to 43 so hopefully will feature well against Liverpool

  • Genk are blessed with a lot of attacking options... so far this season it has mainly been Paintsil and Ito either side of Samatta... they also have Nygren, Benson (back off loan from Mouscron) and Hagi (son of legendary Gheorghe).... then Odey and recent purchase Onuachu!!

    So, will be interesting to see if he can establish himself alongside Samatta (only dead cert to start) and Ito.

  • @YNWA If you know anything about that team or Bongonda, you should know that Bongonda is going to walk straight into that side when he is fit.

  • @ScoutScout - Sure but things are never as clear cut as people write on the boards... but hey I get that. I can't recall if Bongonda was signed before or after the new manager joined.. either way, the team has options... Bongonda being a good one!

    I just wish more players from the Jupiler League were available to purchase... the current options seem very dated.

  • @YNWA

    He was one of Mazzu's first signings mate. Pretty sure Bongonda was the highest fee ever paid by a club in Belgium. He is a pretty big deal over there and quite a few clubs were in for him. Him and Hagi are going to tear up that league this year I think and I can see both getting transfers when the season is over.

    And yeah I agree with you, I wish there was more players from the Jupiler league available on the index. There are a couple of young players I have my eye on.

  • @ScoutScout - I watched Hagi's debut - scoring immediately after coming on but since then he's been used sparingly to say the least.

    Berge staying for them is big and Heynen for me is the guy that makes them tick in midfield.... decent from set pieces too. I'm surprised Maehle isn't getting in the team after a decent Euro U21 showing....

    One thing for sure is that the Belgian League is never dull.... I know it was in the Europa League Qualifying last night but did you see Lamkel Ze get a second yellow (after Mbokani already sent off) for celebrating a goal... what a numpty!

    I'm keen to see if the Wanyama transfer goes through today - that would be a statement purchase from Brugge (who IMO have to be favourites this season) for the title.

    This index needs, Tau, Diatta, Okereke, Deli, Heynen, Ito, Lucumi and a few more at least!

  • Hopefully gets into the team over paintsil as he has had a good start to the season. Seen highlights of bongonda and his first touch looks good. Hopefully we get to see him soon at genk

  • Anyone know why he's dropped over the last few days?

  • @Daly3174 probably people who’s aim was forba quick flip. No real reason on Bongonda’s side. Once the Champions League starts I’m sure he’ll rise again. With Liverpool in Genk’s group there’ll be a lot of demand for Genk’s attacking players.

  • @Daly3174 still not in the Genk squad though, still recovering from injury.

  • @Sutt98 i did have a look for todays game but did find it.

  • @ScoutScout time to top up I think

  • @KTBFFH may as well wait for a further drop, i think he’ll only decrease more in the international break

  • @Sutt98 good point👍👍

  • @Sutt98 @KTBFFH

    Yeah that's what I was thinking. The people that are jumping out have probably never seen him play and was only in hoping for a rise. I'm expecting to lose a bit more on him during the break as well.

  • Does anyone know how long close is he to playing again?

  • @ScoutScout he has been included in their champions league squad I think he will be fit for their first champions league game on Tuesday or Wednesday week I do hold will get more aswell 🤞🤞

  • @KTBFFH cheers. I held 30 for a loss for months then topped up to 200. now looks like the time to get on him.

  • @ScoutScout I’m expecting him to rise leading up to the champions league game


    Haha him being in their CL squad was never in doubt.

    He is a bit of an unknown to most so I think as soon as people start to see him play he will rise.

    Once he is fit and in the Genk team that will help as well.

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