Kaylen Hinds - get out now

  • @speedloafer it seems so... they prey on the foolish and lazy. I think they were also pumping on Twitter and Facebook by the sound of it. Always DYOR before buying anyone.

  • I don’t see the problem we are all on here to make money you can buy and sell who you want

  • Anyone rang the number in the WhatsApp group??

    Makes me wonder if the WhatsApp pic is a fake, built around the rise? Surely if you were acting as a group you’d have the numbers in your contacts?

  • @speedloafer some people think they can buy on the way up and sell before the peak and take a small margin. It’s a very high risk strategy for low reward IMO. Prices can accelerate beyond any rational levels, FOMO is also a catalyst for this.

  • @NewUser332306 it's called market manipulation when an organised group purposely try and fleece people.

    Highly unethical and against the rules. There have been a few accounts suspended recently and I'd imagine a few more suspensions will come from this

  • @Journey until it is proven that an actual group purchased large amounts there is nothing you can do about unless FI act which I don’t think they will think of the commission they got from everyone jumping on the band wagon

  • It's a bad practice, but only made possible by people being greedy and chasing the 'next big thing' and then lumping on without doing any research.
    If it looks to good to be true, it usually is!
    Hopefully, the large spread(currently 20p) has limited this particular pump and dump.
    It would be nice if FI put something out about this to the effect that 'after an investigation into certain unusual account activity/transactions x amount of accounts have been suspended due to breaches of FI codes of practice'.
    That Wolves of Wall Street post is all over the place as evidence so I feel FI need to be 'seen' to be doing something.

  • @Ringers could me a mutual friend that runs the group but all use FI.

  • @Gary-A said in Kaylen Hinds - get out now:

    @Ringers could me a mutual friend that runs the group but all use FI.

    I guess, that person should be fairly easy to trace.

  • Great shout for posting on the forum, hope there aren’t too many people being burnt.

    I can’t see how this group will last. Hopefully because FI will close the accounts down, but they’re obviously a greedy bunch of bastards out to make profit. But, and here’s the kicker, someone in that group is likely to lose out. Say you have 10 people all purchasing 1000 futures. The first person gets in at 25p, and the price increases to 26p. The second at 26p, third at 27p and so on. The last person is buying at an already inflated price. First one who cashes out will most likely make the most profit, but if the last one in is also the last one out, they will have to sell at a deflated price once the other 9 have taken their money, and it’s likely most will be IS’d, so the spread also comes into play too, not to mention the commission. This is not likely to be profitable, at least not all the time.
    Going back to the point about them all being greedy, every one of them will want to be the first out to make the most, it’s likely that some will go behind each other’s back to do so too. The same greed that brought this group together is the same greed that is likely to break it up. As money is involved, it will probably break up some friendships too.

    Karma, as they say, is a bitch.

  • If people were fortunate enough to be holding before all that took place wow how lucky and the people who didn’t hold me thinks they are jealous IMP

  • If you're dumb enough to invest your own money into a player who a simple Google search would tell you his club had sacked him and he was a free agent then you simply deserve to get stung like the stupid idiot you are

  • So is it similar to those people who post rubbish transfer rumours trying to get people to pump on that player

  • IMO not IMP apologies fat thumb

  • @NewUser332306
    No it isn't similar at all.

    It is people working together as a team to inflate a price as high as possible in a co-ordinated way, with the sole intention of dumping it on new players for high profits and giving the new players high losses.

  • @NewUser336689 Things like this are a threat to the index. Less players = less profits for you.
    So by condoning this behaviour, YOU are the idiot.

  • @MrWh1te You soft little man, I'm not condoning this behaviour, however I have zero sympathy for absolute gullible idiots who deserve to get stung for their idiocy,

  • @NewUser336689 said in Kaylen Hinds - get out now:

    @MrWh1te You soft little man, I'm not condoning this behaviour, however I have zero sympathy for absolute gullible idiots who deserve to get stung for their idiocy,

    Spoken like a true predator.

  • @dionysusthyrsus Am I meant to feel sorry for them?

  • @NewUser336689 Im not a tyrant. Im not here to tell you what you should think or feel or not, you have already done that for everyone. Just pointing out how that sort of stance comes across given the situation.

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