Kaylen Hinds - get out now

  • I made £4.63 in 80 seconds on Hinds this morning
    ☺ 💵 ☺ 💵 ☺ That's £2.1m per annum rate. But I'll be happy with £1m this year.

  • @NewUser336689 Yes you are, you are condoning it by putting the blame on the victims.

  • Is there any reason for the Akpom rise or is this another pump?

  • @NewUser731 I thought this, he had a decent season but I couldn't find anything recent to trigger the rise.

  • I've a feeling that people are banging money into low price players with low spreads who are 'off the radar'. This would then mean that the money qualifies for the Summer Bonus and yet the spread for IS would be very low come tomorrow with all the potential drops on the more popular players who've shot up this last month.
    Or is that just me? 😁

  • @Dronny-Gaz I think there is a lot of truth in this. Although having said that-my lower end players haven't risen much. Maybe later in the evening!!

  • @NewUser731 perhaps the fact that you own, means that they're not far enough off the radar.
    It's just a theory anyway.
    By being able to minimise the spread from IS, it allows you to then buy in on players who take a big hit and who you feel are suddenly undervalued or walk away with your bonus money.

  • This guy needs to be banned, took this off twitter, looks like he's got loads of new users to join and is trying to fleece them.


  • @johnboywalker am I right in thinking you’ve got a direct line to Adam Cole? May be worth dropping him a link to this thread, see what he has to say about p&a and market manipulation after that...

  • @GregF

    I do have a direct line to the bald messiah, but we normally only communicate via picture messages of each others genitals.

    (Just to clarify, we don't speak ... it's normally just groans/moans) 🤣🤣


    Apologies in advance.

  • @NewUser332306 Sorry pal but I disagree. Yes, we want to make money, and essentially that means someone else buying shares in players we already have.

    But this is a deliberate act to get a player highlighted on the web page and then dupe people into jumping onboard with the sole intention of bailing and leaving them to foot the bill and loss.

    You may think all is fair but to me its morally wrong and there are other ways to make a profit without having people over.

    Just remember if you do this that the easy members you earn from may lose money, confidence and then leave. Long term thats not good for FI

  • @GregF said in Kaylen Hinds - get out now:

    @johnboywalker am I right in thinking you’ve got a direct line to Adam Cole? May be worth dropping him a link to this thread, see what he has to say about p&a and market manipulation after that...

    They know about it ... someone on twitter posted correspondence with FI

  • @mike778 have you got a link to it? I’d be interested to hear what they had to say

  • @MrWh1te How are they 'victims'. They willingly invested their money into a player whose first Google search result is an article about him being sacked. Forget all this sympathy and correctness rubbish, they deserve it

  • @NewUser336689

    Ok, so clearly I can see you have no empathy for those that are being mugged off. 🤣 I agree, it is mostly their own fault.

    So how about you consider it this way ...

    It is in our mutual interest to have naive daftys on the platform, pumping money in every month, for us to potentially benefit from in the long term.

    But, if new users get exploited at the first hurdle, then they won't continue using the index and will walk away, taking their pennies with them ... probably straight back to that fat prick Ray Winstone and his 'bet in play' shite.

    Any user being deliberately exploited will not help our cause, or the credibility of the platform.

  • @johnboywalker
    And that's why the site is still referenced as Gambling and not investing. If people gets scammed so easily and are ready to act like sheeps at the first occasion...it is not for the best of the platform.

    Obviously, it will hurt FI on the short run, but not his long term reputation. FI doesn't have anything to do with the pumpers and it will simply filter its investor base. The most stupid investors will leave, indirectly improving the average knowledge of the base remaining. Repeat that over the years and this is how you get a market driven by smarter investors, and not only gamblers. Obviously, pumpers will remain, but they will have to be more imaginative to get the investors' attention. One of the way to limit even more their influence and improving the chance of FI bieng recognized as an investing plateform will be to introduce short selling. With that being in place, I'll cleary subscribe to the pumper to know who's the one to short. This will autoregulate the market.

  • @NewUser336689
    They are victims in a scam. Because that is what it is. A scam by a group of people designed to fraudently take money from others.
    It is NO different to the bank/shop scams out there where millions are being lost to the economy.
    It is NO different to someone phoning up some random old person pretending to be their bank and getting their details.

    It is also arguably the biggest threat to FI and and we all have a duty to act on it when we can.

    Just because you have low morals, doesn't change that fact.

    In addition, it IS against the rules and I hope EVERYONE who participates in it loses every penny they have in FI and can go back to mugging off old people by sending Nigerian emails. Because that is all it really is.

    Did you participate by any chance?

  • Can’t this not be solved simply by FI removing the pumping list? I cannot believe it’s still there. It’s like giving new customers a rope.

  • @GregF said in Kaylen Hinds - get out now:

    @mike778 have you got a link to it? I’d be interested to hear what they had to say

    Sorry could be anywhere on twitter world.

    They sent FI a screenshot of the WhatsApp message doing the round and asked them to pass it to the risk team. Pretty sure the FI guy thanked him and said they were already aware and had acted on it.

    Not sure what that meant, might just mean the big spread they chucked on or could mean they are preparing the ban stick. Who knows.

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