Twitter accounts & stats influencing the market

  • Hi guys,

    This is a bit of skeptical post but not intended to sound like hate, I'm just curious about something...

    There are few Twitter accounts out there that provide player stats for free for everyone to use, which is excellent and very useful. What I wondered though is that can these accounts basically control what happens in the market?

    So for example, let's say this group of Twitter accounts have worked together and determined that Player X comes out at the top of a stats list and looks like a good investment, they go ahead and purchase their lot of shares at 'Price A', before releasing the stats to the masses.

    They then release the stats on Twitter to the public (combined Twitter followers of say 500 - 1000 people).

    Those 500 - 1000 people then go ahead and purchase Player X and therefore the price sky rockets to 'Price B' therefore leaving the original providers of the stats in a position to sell the player for instant profit.

    The other reason why I'm so curious is that why would these stats be released for free when the creators of these stats could keep their findings private? They could purchase the players they have identified as potential PB winners and profit over the season and get a head start on everyone else.

    I know there are nice people out there who simply enjoy working with data and providing stats, but at the same time I know there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    So basically I just wondered what the effects of releasing stats to hundreds of people could do to the market?

    To me as a skeptic, I would say releasing stats for free allows for maximum exposure to drive the price of a player up or down.

    I'm not saying this is what is happening as I have no idea, nor am I saying this is why people release stats. I just wanted people's thoughts on this and could releasing stats to the masses instantly change the market?

    Thanks! :D

  • I take the info with a pinch of salt- look at what they're saying, make my own decisions and ultimately make my own trades.

  • They are doing it for the reasons you state. Identify which players are potential good buys, buy them, let everyone else know they are good buys so their price rockets up.

    Once they have identified players who are good value for the price and bought as many of them as they want then there's no advantage in holding onto the information. They might as well release it to drive the price up and they then have the option of keeping or selling for a profit.

    Everyone on here is doing it to make money for themselves. It doesn't mean the information isn't of value or ligitmite.

    You see people on Twitter promote Player X - the reason for it is they obviously own the player and wanted to rise the player. Its purely self-centred. However that doesn't mean thye are trying to con anyway because if they didn't believe it they wouldn't have bought the player to start with.

    The Twitter stuff that annoys me is the whole - I have made 400% profit boast tweets.

  • Especially annoying if some of the profits are made from exploiting the above

  • I have only been doing this for a few weeks now and you knew 90% of the players that were transfers targets you hear it during the season, You know who the good players are in general Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi and Kane so its not a big surprise. However its the medium players like Trippier for instance I know his a good player future England player but I didn't think the stats would have been as good as they were. For me it was more of learning the timing of buying and selling that I needed to learn.

  • If people are that concerned about what they're doing, just buy as soon as they mention someone.
    You'll have the same players as them, and both your portfolios grow.


  • @NewUser79819 Completely agree. If you know football, spend time looking at rumours, listening to stories in the media, you are able to make your mind up on players that are likely to move. Of course stats can distort + also be published for the wrong reasons, but generally these accounts have a reputation to uphold + therefore their info needs to be good if they are to keep it up.

  • @CleanShirtTrader lol literally, if you see good advice and it makes sense to you, follow it.

  • Hey guys, to just confirm from my first post... I wasn't questioning the accuracy of the stats that get released, I just wondered about motives and the implications it could have on the markets.
    Good to read everyone's replies on it though

  • @TerraTushi absolutely get what you're saying! I mean it's hard to tell + prove the honesty behind account's motives. Just a case of weighing up the information and being responsible and intelligent with your decisions!

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