Felix Klaus

  • @Agatello didn't you suggest this guy mate? Serious talent spotter haha.

  • Ha I held him for aaagggeeess and sold him last week to free up funds! Typical, I've bought back into him since though.

  • @Agatello was looking at some of the other cheap players yesterday and was tempted by Yann Karamoh at Inter for the price. Googled him and it said he was some French wonderkid but was put off by his goalscoring record! 30 odd p increase today!! Bought a couple of hundred Klaus though. His buzz score yesterday for that price is crazy.

  • @Agatello always the way mate

  • True, it definitely shows that there is still a huge amount of leveling out to be done - some players like Parejo for example has taken 3 x 18p PB wins and he's still only mid £2's!

    I'm surprised Klaus dropped back down under 40p because he got shaded to it to be honest. Whoever sold up must think it was just a one-off but he'll come good again I reckon.

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