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  • It's saturday and I can't be bothered to go through 50,000 feeds. When will we be able to click on the player's performance buzz numbers and see a clear breakdown, the only answers i've had so far were look at the and try and pair up the chart, any other answers ? Come on FI put cheer us up

  • Use football index edge

  • £6.48 a month ? Is there a clear breakdown of the performance buzz score under 'Performance buzz score database' long term this will not do, us all playing for points which we cannot even see a break down of.

  • It's one thing attracting members but if FI really want to keep members they've got to really invest in the platform and sort this forum out.

  • Football index edge is like a bible for performance buzz. It has every bit of info you would need. If you have a few hundred invested its well worth it.

  • @NewUser107024 they are bringing out new analysis tools but i doubt they will be as good as the specialists

  • @NewUser107024 footballindexAS on twitter is also really good for pb

  • I hope they get this ship and shape fast because with the world cup looming every penny they invest will make them a huger return than anyone could probably make on index. Don't give up on the website, if you want to sit down and do this properly you have to be sat at a laptop. Management needs to be done in advance and less reactionary, they must know of the problems but are not dealing with them fast enough.

  • @NewUser71838 Do you know if football index edge tells you how many corners a player won? It might sound crazy but it's 5pts every time and I haven't been able to find that anywhere yet (not on whoscored etc.)

  • The problem is do I want to pay £72 a year profit to find that out ? No I want it in my backpocket, basic breakdown should be on here and I hope it comes soon. Or I will not be investing half the money I intend, already stopping me put money in today.

  • @NewUser107024 you are looking at it in the wrong way mate. That £72 u are paying will give u a better edge and if use the info well make you mpre money than you would have made not using it

  • @NewUser107024 there are literally 10 or so strategies you can use as a passive trader. You do not need to be at your laptop all the time. Football index is not ment to be spoon fed to traders. Like with any trading if you want an edge you need to put the time an effort in

  • @AT10 a player has won? U can get the info of how many a team has won off who scored ect. If u mean how many a player takes then no but a simple search for set piece takers of a particular team should give you the info you need

  • Some people are just bone lazy, and think footballindex is a money tree that will make them milkions with zero effort. Think the priblem is more tou not FI.

  • Im the alternate to football edge £1 per month

  • I'm obviously willing to put the time in I just feel like they should provide a service fit for and that appeals to all users. I sit at my laptop on my breaks and have made good returns so far. If you think that it is wrong for FI not to attract the casual trader you are preventing more investment in the Index and thus preventing greater returns for yourselves.

  • @NewUser71838 no I mean how many an individual player has won, for example, from my understanding of scoring a shot on target (4pts) pushed behind for a corner (5pts) would be worth 9pts. Meaning winning corners 2 corners is the same value as an assist!! Making that data very useful but I haven't found it anywhere online yet.

  • In defense of FI i invest in stocks & shares but don't use trading platforms to do my research... I also bet on football matches but don't use those sites to check form and teams etc so FI don't need to provide but I do feel that this data should be available somewhere because for example, I don't even bet on PB players because in my opinion (without having stats to hand) it's a lottery. If I had access to stats it might interest me more.

    But.... When it all comes down to corner count and pass stats I look at the top player yesterday and he scored 4 goals? Maybe you can't go far wrong with Aguero, Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Kane etc as they are all most likely to score multiple times per match which provides the most points?

  • Credit Football Index for putting these on Twitter now.

  • Would be nice if all stats appeared though.

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