if i want to panic i will

  • I have a couple of players who I always planned on selling on Monday. But I’m just keeping the money and waiting on a couple in my watch list dropping before pouncing. Think a lot will reinvest in better options then some currently in their port.

  • @Flukey_Lukey yes exactly!!! Free money why not take it! Especially those who have invested 20k!! That's £2k tax free!!! Come on that's a holiday! Already had mine this year so I'll be putting my bonus right back into the index. Quite happy my port has grown tonight. Some last minute trading for the bonus. The rise before the 'storm' 😉

  • I’m not panicking, I’m up 5% on the week anyway which is pretty awesome.

    I need to take some money out of here, but I won’t be doing it for a month as I don’t want to sell in a trough.

    I’m 99% confident that my players will be worth more in August than they are now, and 100% confident that they’ll be worth more in August than tomorrow .

    But if anyone wants to panic then go ahead, it’s your prerogative.

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  • So hypothetically, if you had players in the sell queue at the moment..... Do we expect a load of IS'ing to drop the price? and i presume the shares in the queue will only sell if someone buys into them....which noone will be doing after midnight. And hence you could end up selling for a lot less (even though they've been in the sell queue for hours/days).

    Just thinking if i should remove them all from the queue before midnight or leave them be ...

  • @Abaalan plenty of people will be buying after midnight especially if there are big drops. Those people will be the smart people, lots of people will panic and IS when they see some drops and the smart traders will buy in at lower prices and reap rewards. Unfortunately some people have to lose money on here that is just how it works and the people who panic at times like this are the ones who lose money

  • @TraderJ So for example i have Bale in the sell queue for last 2 days....best to leave or will he drop significantly after midnight (to a price i will not want to sell at)?

  • @Abaalan I can't advise you on what will happen after midnight because nobody really knows. But there is a potential that he will drop to a price you don't want to sell at for sure, unless you put a reserve price on. However, I'm not sure reserve prices always work, when did you buy him just out of interest and are you in profit?

  • @TraderJ Had him for about 2 months. Sold half for profit before the big drop about 2 weeks ago. Now about 25p down on the remainder, but seems the transfer saga i expected has finished.

  • Just seen someone quick sell Mbappe in amongst all the buying. There’s panic, and then there’s just throwing money away!

  • @Abaalan ahh I see, I think you've just been unfortunate there as it looks like he's not going to get a move. Although maybe he will so it might be worth holding, but you may just have to take the loss on that one

  • Had a few months out, what happened to Andy M?

  • @Azer182 I think they stopped people trading in Sweden because of gambling laws so he can no longer access the platform

  • @Azer182 In a nutshell, the card companies that are used to withdraw funds to, changed their rulings, which meant FI needed a licence to operate in Sweden. Rather than spend the money...30k a year I think, they suspended then closed all accounts based there

  • @Munchie63 AndyM should have formed a little consortium and stumped up the 30k for them.
    In all seriousness, how can it not have been worth 30k? Must have been more to it than that.

  • @Timothee-Atouba depends how many swedish users there were? Plus it could have been all the hassle of complying with the regulations as well as the payment I suppose.

  • @Snrub I think that figure was right for the yearly licence, but there were a few other snags along with applying for it. But even if it was just 30k alone, then the consortium would have to be selling £1.5MILLION of players each year for FI to make that 30K back in commission.

    I'm sure the Swedish investors liked a punt, but thats a lot of sales

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