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  • If that was the extent of the drop I'm very happy, lost a couple of % since midnight but still up on the week. I genuinely thought the drop would hurt more and be much longer, but as @ocs123 pointed out it's looking quite stable - Does anyone think there will be any more drops or is the only way up from here?

  • For all the people taking money out, many more will reinvest their bonus.

  • Well no 5-10% drops some doom mongers we’re predicting. Closer to 1-3% I’m guessing. That’ll be recovered in no time with approx 5 weeks until the new season.

  • @BeanDrown.. think about this.. most people now had their bonus so if they were going to take money out will have done by now.. we are seeing more and more users joining every day.. in my opinion the platform is only going in one direction 📈 (certainly this season anyway).

  • The drop is not as significant as I was expecting but even though things seem to have levelled out I still think the market will see other small drops over the next few days. (I'm down about £200)

    We may have seen that the deposit bonus being re-invested has propped things up but time will tell.

    I still have not spent mine yet as I am expecting the market to slide a little further before we start to see gains as the new season approaches.

  • I think it's down to people having summer holidays booked and cashing out on their portfolio for spending money. They'll all be ploughing back in when they get back I imagine.

  • @Blue-nose Absolutely agree there we've had phenomenal growth last season and I only expect the same with this one. Personally I've had my bonus, not reinvested yet but certainly aren't looking at withdrawing. I think the big hitters who needed money out did it at 00:01 or the first chance they got. Panic over in less than 24 hours, onwards and upwards!

  • @Long-Haul-Col Agree. I think we could see further drops equalling what we’ve seen so far over the next week or two, Just trickling out slowly.

  • Got £1700 not sure where to spend it right now got a bit happy when I first ploughed money in and just threw money around the index like a fat boy in a cake shop. Itching to spend but at the same time trying to be patient in case an opportunity presents itself

  • Down 1.35% overall not including the bonus, happy with that.

  • What is this bonus? Feel like I'm missing out.

  • Bernado Silva has dropped a little and is at two pound twenty something. He's one of the best ten players in the world and will be over £5 in twelve months time. Shooting fish....

  • @NewUser311893 i sadly had this too as i joined june 2nd....its basically from may to yesterday whatever money you put into the index youll recieve 10% of it but you had to opt in which i knew nothing about until earlier... basically put 20k in and youll get the max 2,000 bonus

    this was the link for it explains what it is..and at the bottom you can opt in so id do it now ready for next time


  • So the Footie only dropped 1.25% between Sunday and Monday, which is pretty much in line with many ports as far as I can see.

    That is really good news.

  • With a few rises today I'm now slightly up vs Sunday evening. I honestly expected more of a dip than this, I know it could still happen over the next week or so, but the fact that people haven't instantly withdrawn is a very good sign for the platform! The combination of media madness dividends, June's rises, the summer bonus and hopefully further rises in the run-up to the new season has made it a pretty great summer. Hope I'm not speaking to soon!!

  • @scfc me too i dropped 1% but since then im back up 0.8%

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