How often do you take profit and why?

  • So last few days we’ve seen most bulls saying the usual lines of

    • don’t sell after bonus window closes

    • perfect time to top up on the dips

    • invest all your bonus and divs into those dips

    Etc etc

    I’ve been on the platform for 6 months and enjoying it, should be up more based on my investment but I’ve learned some valuable lessons.

    Problem I see is when do you actually sell/ slice off profit? Be interested to know what experienced traders do.

    Given we are all one viable alternative away from seeing the FI market crash, continually throwing everything into the market is text book pre bubble pop behaviour. Not being a doom monger but should be honest about risks.

  • Withdrawing is the hardest thing to do... But I've had two big spates of withdrawal... Just after the share split when things went crazy. I'd owned Messi for £11 a share and he went to £17.50 during the split... I had to sell at those prices.
    I put about 20k back in for the first 10% bonus... Then took a lot out when that ended... When they changed the 5% to 10% I've put another 20k back in.

    This time I've built up more funds so only taken a few grand out.

  • I keep my dividends (its a nice little trickle of cash every month for a few beers), but all my invested money is 100% in the index.

    My current aim is to turn my 5k to 10k then I'll evaluate whether to keep it all in, take out half and trade solely on profit, or pull out completely. I'm probably keenest on the middle option.

  • I don't know the answer as to when to take out, only been here a few months so have just been topping up my small portfolio so far.

    I don't think that an alternative coming out necessarily means a crash tho. If another betting company came out with a competitor to FI I'm sure people would be interested in getting in early but taking everything out of an established platform to join an unproven one would be risky.

    I guess the decision comes when the market starts stagnating but I don't see this anytime in the near future. With advertising budgets etc. hopefully more and more people are getting on board and FI is going to grow each season for a decent while yet.

  • When would you take money out of your ISA ?
    That's the way I look at it, my money will stay in FI until I need it, get much better interest rate from FI than you do from the banks so better leaving money in here till you really need it. Money sat in a bank account is doing nothing.

    I hope to earn enough this year from FI to pay for a big holiday next year, if I achieve my goal I will take out the profit earned to pay for the holiday and then leave the rest to continue to grow. I also reinvest all the Divs returns.

  • Personally I have withdrawn all my money and just left the profit. I am comfortable with this obviously I don't want to lose it but its not the end of the world.

    In future difficult to say re profits. I don't really need the money... Its about 10k so not massive amounts and I have paid off mortgage. So whilst index looks to be growing happy to leave it for now.

    I did take some profits out to pay for a holiday but they are all back in now.

  • I don't - far better investment option than any high street or online organisation can offer.

    My portfolio is split - I have between 10-30 shares in big MB players - Neymar, Pogba etc and reinvest dividends in promising young players under 20p and wait for their growth.

    I started with approx £300 and moved around £3,000 in from savings solely for the 10% Summer Bonus. I then try and top it up at the rate of £250 per month when possible. Hoping to grow portfolio to £10k by Christmas using a strategy where I hold players until they return 20-25% cap appreciation and then reinvest in next wave.

    Most of my biggest holds are in the Bundesliga where attacking midfielders thrive.

  • I’ve not withdrawn anything yet, but I think over the next few months I’m going to start taking out small lumps of cash until I’ve only got profit left in the index. I have a decent profit on my original deposits with a good number of MB magnets to keep the money trickling in. The majority is tied up in futures at the moment so I’m going to have to work out who to start selling off and how many

  • An answer to your question depends on the person. There’s 2 types of ppl in my experience when it comes to gambling/investing...

    Type 1 - someone who likes holding onto money, normally quite a tight person but has a nice bank balance and still pays for things when absolutely necessary and it’s considered great value in their favour. (This type of person will hardly ever take out there FI investment)

    Type 2 - the impulsive spender, typical everyday gambler who likes something in life and will get it even if it’s not necessarily good value. These ppl are never tight with there money, generally don’t have a lot of money saved, will shell out on very optimistic punts and bets. (This type of person will withdraw from FI and spend there profits a lot more frequently)

    Personally I’m the latter (Type2) I prefer a bet that I can win from and then spend the money on something rather than re invest it so I never actually see it...think that’s why FI is so hit and miss for me atm, I am not getting that buzz from winning £500 on an Acca from a £20 bet...I’m still loving FI coz I love football and statistics I just hope FI can target the gambling side compared to the investing side abit more next season.

  • @SuperMan im type 1 lmao

  • My aim is to get to the point I'm playing with profits only. After all I am here here to make some real world money to help pay towards holidays etc.

    My first step towards that was to withdraw my part 3 bonus. Haven't actually planned how to syphen out the rest and I'm in no rush. Probably just start taking out a percentage of my profits.

    As for the issue of alternative platforms. Sportstack is coming so it's probably worth keeping abreast of that.

  • @SuperMan I used to be type 2 but FI changed my perspective and I'm much happier as a type 1 now!

  • @Allams-Out I've reached that point today, 11 months in. Made a very nice sum and feels good to be playing with profits only. I can afford to take a few risks now, knowing I'm in profit whatever happens 👍

  • @Hotspur said in How often do you take profit and why?:

    @Allams-Out I've reached that point today, 11 months in. Made a very nice sum and feels good to be playing with profits only. I can afford to take a few risks now, knowing I'm in profit whatever happens 👍

    Brilliant. It's tough to take out money because we are all sure we can continue turning it into more profit.

    I've every confidence in FI but you just never know what's round the corner.

  • @Allams-Out I registered to SportStack updates, be interesting to see how that performs. Not much to go on atm, there releasing YouTube videos soon with tutorials and what not.

    I’m not against FI in any way shape or form btw it’s great I’m just speaking for the Type2 ppl who want a little more from it to keep up entertained and stick around. I know deep down I could never leave money in here for a year, I need it to be quicker bets. Just my nature.

  • @SuperMan I'd like to think there was room in the market for several non traditional betting sites.

    Should hopefully just be taking business away from the bookies.

  • @SuperMan I'm the the first one.

    Having fun with it and have ambitions of turning my £100 into £1,000. Could be here a while I think...

  • I haven’t taken any profit out. I’m your type 1, but not that tight or well off thanks to the kids 😂

    I’ve doubled up on my initial investment, and have since added more in to get the bonuses. I’m taking some of that back out as I need it else where (about 5k).

    I can’t take the profit out as that would screw my compound interest up :) - how can I take a few k out knowing that will effectively cost me a few k in profit!?

    Think I’ll change that view once the ROI becomes less crazy.

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