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  • @LuaLua fantasy is another layer to the research!!

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    How does it work never done it b4. Do i pick my squad then get added to your league or something. DO i have to pick my squad now? @Pluko

    You can pick your team now and you can transfer as many plsyers in and out as you as you like an till the deadline at the start of the season. My team will probably change a little before the deadline

    6 teams in the league at the mo 👍🏻

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    @Lukeroro said in FI Fantasy Football League:

    Chill. Relax.

    Was actually a little panicked. So many options.

    Yea very true. I dunno how i haven't. I don't think i can let myself get too addicted to this one tho. Fi takes up enough time lol.

    Lol I couldn’t pick a team from scratch, I did auto fill team till it was a half decent team, then just swapped out the plaeyers I didn’t want

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    @LuaLua fantasy is another layer to the research!!

    god help me

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    Where's the football index sponsor ey?

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    I'm in. Just joined the league. Thanks!

  • I'm in, given no thought whatsoever to my picks and just selected whoeverclanded under my thumb as I havent even read the scoring system yet but I'll do it properly later this week. Just got the sign up out the way. Nice one @Pluko

  • @MickTurbo
    I'll do you a deal. You give me FI trading advice and I'll give you FPL advice?

  • I'm in ! Did struggle making a good side

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    I'm in ! Did struggle making a good side


    Wait an till transfers happen, then you’ll be should try and work them in to your team lol 🙈

  • We are up to 18 teams now, think the limit is 30.

    I’ve created another league incase it gets full and there a still ppl that want to join.

    Maybe I can do 1 league from the 2nand do a weekly up date 🤔

  • @Vaughany I'm quite flattered by that 😊. Even more so given our respective standings in advinculas competition. Every year I do the sun dream team. I have a league with my old mates and a league with lads from work. I normally do pretty well but havent actually won it for 3 years now. I'll have to familiarize myself with exactly how points are scored on this one cos there'll no doubt be differences.

    As for trading advice just get stuck into elvedi, orsolini, pulgar and hofmann! After tomorrow when I've spent my bonus I'll give u another 3 😎👍

  • @MickTurbo
    😂😂 That's only going to be short-lived. When Palace sign a new striker/Wickham gets injured in the first warm up game, I'll be bottom of the table!! Well, it sounds like you're an old hand with Fantasy Football then but if you have any queries with the FPL site/rules, give me a shout, I've been playing that game since the 2007/2008 season. I'm a bit of an addict!

    Have you got any spare cash to go with these recommendations? I'm in balls deep with my current portfolio as it stands and my balance is 35p !!

  • Haha mate I could do with at least a 6k loan from somewhere to get on board with all the players I would like too, and in the numbers I would like.

    I've just been on the website looking at the rules of the game there. I had a little chuckle because they award points for top 3cplayers in a game as you'll know, and the scoring matrix seems more detailed than our own PB matrix, and this is for a game where 99% of users probably just go a 10er a man 😂😂😂😂😂

  • @MickTurbo
    Mate, don't get me started on the Bonus Points System on FPL!! They changed the scoring system a couple of years ago and there was a massive hoo-ha about it. People are still not over it. The biggest challenge is getting a decent 15 man squad for just £100m. If you go big on your starting 11 you'll inevitably end up with a couple of budget shitters on the bench. Good luck!!

  • Can we have an unofficial ugliest kit competition.

  • I'm in.. Thanks for organising it... To make it a bit more interesting.. Should we do £10 a man and whoever wins has to throw all his prize money into one FI player?

  • Ha @Vaughany , cheers mate. It's funny, ive done dream team since back in the days where it was just a pull out in the news paper and you had to go through it with a highlighter and then ring up the 0800 number and punch in all your player codes, but ive only been on FI since Feb and ive always kind of drawn parallels. I know there would be one hell of a hoo-ha if big changes are made on here as well.
    I'm hoping some of these fi Hope's actually make the move to the prem so I can fill my bench with the likes of skov and vanaken for presumably next to nowt, then grab Salah and all the others for my starting 11.
    You say you're a bit of an addict, well I'm already comparing the 2 different scoring matrices to see whether it's worth using footy index scout to pick my team and get an unfair advantage Haha. What the fuck did I used to do with all my spare time

  • I'm doing mine tonight by coincidence so i'll add this league too!

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    @LuaLua my effort

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