My first ever trade

  • Asking for your guys opinion, new to this thing and was thinking about Dimitri Oberlin for my first trade. he’s only 20 and was thinking his price could go up if he plays welll against Man City in UCL. Is this thought process reasonable ? Just looking for some advice as I’m a bottom picker at heart.

  • Good little prospect; good pace, potential and linked with some big clubs. I wouldn't say he's an ideal first ever trade though.

  • Depends what you're after, if you want to buy him and sit back until the summer he could well accelerate in price. I had himself for a while hoping for a January move.

    If you're after immediate returns, in the bargain bucket you could look at Fabian Ruiz or Guadrado from Betis tonight, away at lowly Deportivo, if you have more to burn you could opt for Eden Hazard - however going for a maximum 6p dividend on a player doesn't make an awful lot of sense unless you're planning on buying for the longer term anyway - the chances are you'll end up selling if they don't perform and losing out to the spread.

    My advice would be to have a look at the fixtures on Thursday night as the Europa League has more than 14 fixtures thus paying out triple. Look for a player that's got a favourable couple of fixtures coming up. Lazio are away at Steaua (not ideal) but home vs Verona on Monday night so could be a good target. Marseille and Nice are both at home Thursday and Sunday with reasonable fixtures.

  • @NewUser122466 said in My first ever trade:

    Dimitri Oberlin

    interesting topic.... I would say 'spread your risk' on your first ever trade(s) so if you chuck in £10, £100 or £1,000 try and get a few players on board so you aren't just reliant on one...

    Incidentally my first ever trades were probably a few 'undervalued' world stars including 30 year olds and Goalkeepers as I didn't grasp the game until a month or so of playing so what I would say is anyone that gets it right from the start will either be very lucky or it will be down to a lot of research before investing...?

    Be interesting to hear how those more experienced players invested on day one????

    I've just checked back through 415 transactions and Hugo Lloris was my first investment... Manuel Neur (who was soon relegated costing me an instant loss), Jack Butland, Radja Naingollan & Kingley Coman were all first dayers too.... I think out of all of them I only made profit on Coman who i brought at 0.76!!!!!! it does get easier though!!!!!!

  • OMG my first trades was perfect Sessegnon mahrez zaha Dembele sadly I sold at wrong time if I’d of kept till mid January I’d of made substantial profjts you learn gas you get a feel today I tiped up Toby and Morota contract rebel and recovery hype

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  • Fun topic, I started with £100 and after splitting it between a few players I had 90p left, so I bought 1x Asensio, I got so excited when he went up to £1 I quickly sold him ;-D learning on FI is fun....

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