Tuesday 13th Feb Fixtures

  • After last weeks post - the discussion in the comments lead to a few hidden PB gems with a few going close.

    Tomorrow gives another day with three games for potential winners:

    • Basel vs Man City
    • Juventus vs Spurs
    • Red Star Belgrade vs CSKA Moscow

    The first two matches are the obvious ones here , but due to the other match being a Europa League Game it;s been overlooked as it's the only match not to be played on Thursday (which gives all players participating a better chance for dividends. Also, to note that next week a similar pattern follows and Red Star Belgrade and CSKA Moscow will play the second leg on a Champions league match day.

    Firstly, Man City players will be most likely to rack-up the top points to win - playing against a much weaker Basel side. The obvious picks of De Bruyne/Aguero/Otamendi/Laporte - look the most likely to impress again. I'd expect Stones to come in for either Otamendi or Laporte. I'd love to highlight some cheaper options for this match but as City are in such good form they don't have many cheaper options. Walker may be one to look at or Danilo (However, not yet on the index!)

    Juventus vs Spurs - will be a very tough game to call. Again your usual suspects will be likely to hit the top points. Point to note here that Barzagli, Dybala and Matuidi won't be taking part due to injury. Bernardeschi could be one to look at here, along with Eriksen.

    The Final game of the night - will be the best place to look at for bargains. First, thing to note here is that a lot of the players aren't on the index just yet (if there's any I miss it would be great for someone to comments below). The first is Ahmed Musa (didn't get much game time at Leicester, but since re-joining his former club has done very well in his opening friendlies - still very close to IPO Price. The next player is Golovin - he's been one of their best players this season and is highly rated in Russia and is tipped to be their shinning star for the WC, he's also been regularly linked to the premier league, so could be a great long-term hold too. The finally player to pay attention to is Fedor Chalov - he like Musa has been very good in recent weeks and like Golovin is predicted to have a great WC with potential transfer links.

    Mario Fernandes and Igor Akinfeev are also able for PB, but there's much better option in my opinion.

    Also, to note that some of these players will have already been bought of the matches, so be careful of flippers, but they're also still close to IPO price and hold less risk.

  • @MrWhiteWave said in Tuesday 13th Feb Fixtures:

    Red Star Belgrade vs CSKA Moscow

    Red Star Belgrade!!!!!!!!!!!! there's a blast from the past!!!! Does Darko Pancev still play for them??????

    I think tomorrow is tricky?? Depending who plays full back for Spurs they could get a lot of the ball and a clean sheet might be enough to win it for them? Aurier usually does well in the UCL? in MF i think City will dominate so perhaps Fernandinho??? I have futures in KDB and despite being the greatest midfielder in the world and consistently being quoted as City's best player in every match they play stats don't like him (he prob doesn't win enough corners) so i'll be very surprised if he wins a PB? Up front though who can look beyond Aguero after the weekends performance? The guess however is anybody's.... As usual i'll be staying well clear!!!

  • Tomorrow is tricky. Defenders will be a tough call - I think manager's might look to exploit the wings, therefore wing-backs might be the way to go. Aurier, Rose/Davies, De Sciglio/Licht, Sandro could all be good options. As for the midfield, I don't see Fernandinho winning (but, you never know).

  • CHalov! Got him at IPO knowing nothing about him so glad to hear he's coming good!

  • Update - lichtsteiner is injured again and not included in the squad, should give De Sciglio another run in the side.

  • @NewUser108933 He could come very good as a long term hold being so highly rated in Russia and few of the big clubs sniffing around. A couple of good games this week and next could increase that interest.

  • @MrWhiteWave Apparently he was attacked by a heron.

  • Juventus line-up : Buffon; De Sciglio, Benatia, Chiellini, Alex Sandro; Pjanic, Khedira; Mandzukic, Douglas Costa, Bernardeschi; Higuain - Source, Di Marzio

  • As a Spurs fan I expect us to operate deeper as we did in the Dortmund game and try to break down the meanest defence ever on the counter, possibly targeting any space left behind Alex Sandro as he rampages forward.

    As a result I think Pjanic will see a lot of the ball.

    Hope I'm wrong and we smash them off the park but it'll probably end up 1 or 2 nil to Juve.

    Either way I think the bigger FI scores should come from City!

  • @Agatello As a spurs fan myself, I've got enough hope in me, although probably deluded on a big spurs win. Let's say 4-0... But, agreed it's more likely that the big point earners will come from the City match and possible the Juve defense if they keep the clean sheet.

  • @MrWhiteWave have you seen their goals conceded in the last 16 games? 1, one, ONE.... bl**dy ONE!!

    It's a good job we've got the best striker in the world.... the unstoppable force vs the immovable object!

  • I see Lamela going to plane yesterday seems to be man of the moment having scored in the FA Cup then upsetting half Merseyside with his perfectly timed VVD mugging in the box!!! Then last weeks pussy after the whistle carry on... a shock start or goal off the bench from him or a Kane or HM Son goal will do for me 1-0 COYS!! But I don’t see the buzz wins comming from this match

  • If only conceded one that suggests to me there due to concede a couple of goals, got to think out of the box

  • @Chicken-Badge

    Got the Lamela shock start and the Kane goal right I’d take Lamela and a 2-2 now

  • @Chicken-Badge hope you put a bet on 2-2 lol

  • My son put two bets on 2-2 and Kane to score next goal he won 1 out of two

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