Importing Data from Football Index

  • I don't expect this to get much attention, as it is more of a technical problem and I am not sure if I can get around it. I am attempting to make a informational spreadsheet on FI that will be useful for us all however it is only really an educational experiment into what I can do in Microsoft Excel. I have suddenly hit a hault in its creation as I need to import data from the Football Index website such as players live market prices. Now this can generally be done with a built in Excel function called 'import from web' however I am unable to do it from FI. I have researched the actual error message but can't find any solutions online, the message I get is 'table highlighting is disabled because this page uses internet explorer compatibility mode'.

    I wonder if by miracle there is any IT people that could think of a work around in which I press an excel 'refresh' button and it imports prices for various players included in my spreadsheet. I am not very hopeful :(( If you want to see the kind of format of the spreadsheet I did show it in my first Football Index Video.

    Thanks, Leithall

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