Bruno Fernandes

  • Price seems to be steadily dropping, good time to jump on the Bruno Fernandes train? Surely has to be coming to the Premier League this summer

  • I’m wondering whether or not to invest in Bruno Fernandes
    He looks destined for man united
    But how high do you think his price will rise to?
    Just wondering if it’s worth it?
    Will he reach £3??

  • I've invested quite a bit into him, but I have done the same with Maguire and Longstaff as I'm a United fan and think we'll get those 3 deals done. Depends how early in the rise you can get him but I'd be surprised if he didn't reach over £2.90 or more.

  • If he moves to Man Utd he will reach £3, he may not stay at £3 that all depends on performances but a new signing for United at this level will be everywhere in the media

  • Dont care who he goes to and what his price does, as long as he goes to a PB league he will do well long term yield wise if you hold through the season.
    His pb stats are immense.
    So bonus if moves to a club playing in european games, bonus if to a mb club, bonus euro20 portuga

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