Thomas Edwards

  • Any Stoke fans out there know much about this boy.Good bit of movement in the last couple of days

  • There’s no transfer speculation atm but there was talk about him being recommended for Man Utd by Darren Fletcher. He’s a nailed on starter at Stoke under Nathan Jones, whose system is relient on fullbacks. Long term hold for me- in for about 300 shares at the minute, may invest more. Can’t go wrong for 41p, low risk. There’s a good thread with more information in the ‘general trading chat’. Hope this has helped!

  • The only thing I know is that someone must have a flat tyre with his name on

  • @FIscout Yeah thanks for that posted in wrong thread.Have got 1500 shares at 35p,long term hold for me too.Good luck mate he's on the move again today

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