Tuesday 13th Feb - IPO preview - Uninspired.

  • Just like today's IPO's I see no value in tomorrow's entrants (I looked on Sunday and couldn't be bothered to fire the laptop up to even comment on them!).

    At a push Jimmy Briand could pick a PB as his Avg PPG of 27+ isn't the worst and he does score the occasional goal but in comparison to other strikers there's better value elsewhere.

    Although there are a few decent players and youngsters still out there I think we're starting to see the dregs coming out and unless they're IPO'd at 10-20p then I don't see much point in researching the majority of them. That's not to say we shouldn't check who's up every day as that would be foolish.

  • Scott malone but no Alex Pritchard!!!! Come on FI

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