Fantasy Premier League £100 High Rollers 2019/20

  • It's Back - The official Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 season is now open!

    So that means the return of the Football Index £100 High Rollers league! This will be our second season after a highly successful debut which saw our 15 entrants battle for a share of the £1,500 prize pool.

    This time we are starting earlier and aiming bigger. I anticipate 100 participants at £100 each so we should have an exciting £10,000 prize pool to play for!


    We had 75 paid entrants before yesterday's deadline, so the total prize pool this year is £7,500! This will break down as follows:

    10 x Manager of the month prizes - £200 will be paid out at the end of each month (including the final month) to the manager ranked top by points for that period - as defined by the official FPL monthly table.

    Final prizes - to be paid out at the end of the season to the manager that finishes in the following positions;

    1st place - £3,000
    2nd place - £1,500
    3rd place - £500
    4th place - £300
    5th place - £200

    The monthly prizes will keep everyone interested right until the end (even if you are lagging slightly in the overall standings)

    If you wish to take part then you may do so as follows:

    1. Create an account & team on

    2. Join the Football Index High Rollers league by going to 'Leagues' -> 'Join private league' and enter our league code 'adiqru'. Please register early to express interest - no need to pay entry fee yet.

    3. Make payment of £100 before August 9th via PayPal Pools - - please include your FPL name (real name or team name) in the paypal message. Anybody who has entered the league but has not made payment before the 1st match of the season will be removed from the league (Liverpool v Norwich at 8pm on Friday 9th August)

    We welcome all participants to join the league now, but only if you intend on paying the entry fee by early August.

    More info can be found at

    Last season's forum post can be found here -

    Happy to answer any queries. Enjoy!

  • Great idea! As a FPL addict, I couldn't resist. Have joined the league already. Thanks for organising.

  • I hope to see last years winner back... @CheesyG ???

  • Will enter.

  • Thanks Matt, joined and paid.

  • Well that's 6 players already. Should get to 100 & £10,000 easily!

  • I’m in and paid never actually played before if I’m last I won’t be surprised 😂

  • Entrance fee covered already, Thanks CHO ;)

  • Yep Rashford covered mine!

  • Got 8 players so far - decent start for the first couple of days. Plenty more will be joining as the start of the season draws closer.

  • Now up to 11 players. Still plenty of time to get involved before the new season starts!

  • Do you need to create a pay pal account to pay and receive winnings yer ? im willing to join in on this money to be made haha

  • @DannyC93 Yeah paypal is the best way mate, then you can add the money directly to the pool.

    If you really don't want to use paypal then you could bank transfer and i'll add for you but i'd rather not take the money directly.

  • @Matt-FI all good mate, ive made a pay pal ive joined the league an will pay into the pool next week

  • Joined and paid. Now I finally have some actual skin in the FPL game, and won't get bored by October for once.

    Thanks for arranging @Matt-FI

  • @gloryhornet88 Hah yeah i find excellent value for money from the £100 because fantasy football stays exciting for the whole season!

  • Great idea.. I'm involved!

  • @FI-Constable Good to have you on board. I've just started putting my squad together but will probably change several times before the big day!

  • @Matt-FI Already changed my team numerous times!

  • Finding it a bit tricky this season in defence - they all seem to be about £0.5m more than i would want!

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