Fantasy Premier League £100 High Rollers 2019/20

  • @Matt-FI Thanks Matt! Very much appreciated.

  • No time for a proper update at the moment so to keep it short:

    January manager of the month goes to Nags Head Rovers managed by Simon Davis. Congrats, £200 on the way to you next week. (unlucky Matt Mehan who was just 1 point behind)

    In the overall league it keeps getting tighter - less than 50 points now separates the top 10.

    Good luck all!

  • Prize money has now been paid out Simon...apologies for the short delay - was on holiday.

    The overall table is super interesting. Very little separating the top of the league...unlike the Prem! Just 17 points the difference after 24 rounds ... Robert Snodgrass got that many points on his own last week!


  • Matt FI - please could you confirm where this money went or how I access it because I have not received it and doesn't seem to be any option when I click on the PayPal pool in the initial post? Cheers. (Simon Davis / Nags Head Rovers for the avoidance of doubt)

  • Have replied to your PM - please double check that money has now been received. Thanks

  • Cheers Matt, it's arrived now. Thanks for sorting and good luck to everybody for the run in.

  • February's manager of the month is......


    Pedro Lima - managing Lima F.C. - who amassed an impressive total of 271 points which was a relatively comfortable 10 point cushion over second place. £200 has been paid to you, congrats and spend it wisely!

    At the business end of the season now and it's getting rather tricky with numerous high profile injuries and blank + double gameweeks. Here is the overall standings:


    So Yuval leads the way on 1687 points - a 21 point lead over a squabbling pack of 7 managers separated by 20ish points. All very close and exciting.

    Don't forget the March manager of the month...another £200 up for grabs to be paid out on 24th March after the month of fixtures closes with Arsenal v Southampton the night before. Good luck!

  • So what’s the plans for this now? Do I win the March prize?

  • I did reply to you in a private message a couple weeks ago but realised other people might be wondering the same. No March prize as there was only 1 set of fixtures. Will now wait until we know what is happening with football fixtures before deciding anything else.

  • @Matt-FI ok mate, thanks for the update.

  • God I miss fantasy football....

  • The Premier League is almost back!

    And so is fantasy football - which means the resumption of our intriguing league.

    Everything will continue as before with April & May manager of the month prizes becoming June & July. March will be added onto the 1st place prize fund. Here is an update on how the top of the table looks.


    Good luck all!

  • Unlimited free transfers until 5pm Wednesday 👍

  • Great to be back up and running. Hoping I can hold on for one of the end of season prizes.

    Good luck all.

  • It's hotting up...

    Next few gameweeks are going to be crazy.

  • Here's the June Top Ten so far. Teeny Weeny Deeney currently comfortably leading by ten points having played their Benchboost and Wildcard. That could all change tonight and tomorrow though!

    0_1593620017219_forum league june.jpg

  • Some cracking scores since the premier league restarted. Chips being used left right and centre and the final table for June looks like this:


    Big congrats to Sam Martin who averaged close enough to 100 points per gameweek in June...unreal! How about £200 as a reward...well deserved and now in your account! Commiserations to 2nd place to 'Gauncho Snakes' managed by Seamus Browne...although not too many commiserations has he has now raced to the top of the leader board and is in prime place to win a cool £3,000!


    Plenty of others in the running for big cash prizes - still £5,500 to be shared amongst the top 5! And that excludes another £200 ready for the winner of the July manager of the month...that could be anyone's money! 6 massive rounds of fixtures to play this month - good luck everybody!

  • Proud Manager of Teeny Weeny Deeney here...thanks Matt! Last night was far too stressful for my liking... Looking forward to the last few fixtures!

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