Full backs

  • @NewUser159387 do you think any will be hitting the £2+ mark? I don’t see them hitting TA level but chilwell for example I would expect to push on this year even if he does stay at Leicester and potentially being starting english left back for euros..

  • If max Aarons can preform in the prem, he looks good value. Even if Norwich get relegated he’d probably move back to an established prem side. Young and English with a move to an established premier league side still to come make him good value for football index.

  • @HPcoys said in Full backs:

    do you think any will be hitting the £2+ mark?

    Those that can post good PB numbers yes & the odd time if they get rampant transfer spec, my one to watch would be Digne, currently 148p.

    There are plenty in the sub 75p bracket that could easily double if they post impressive numbers & given the general index growth.

  • Just got on Emerson at Chelsea. Played well towards back end of last season and Italy international 0.67p

  • @HPcoys said in Full backs:

    Two big moves already in wan Bissaka and in Mendy. Can see another few going through but any thoughts on the potential rise in value in them:

    1. Sessegnon brothers seem nailed on for spurs but not sure either will be contributing much this year.
    2. chilwell - will he go to city? I’m surprised spurs haven’t been linked with him too if they do sell rose.
    3. Aarons?
    4. tierney to prem league?
      Will they all rise till transfer and then drop? Or potential long term value?

    Chillwell wont be going to city they have just brought Angelino back from PSV who had a great season, one to watch.

  • Joao Cancelo's price has taken a downturn in recent days as news emerges that he's more likely rto join Bayern than Man City. In my view he's a solid hold wherever he ends up - he was brilliant for Juve last year and at Bayern/City he'll have more license to get forward.

  • Castagme (Atalanta) gets great PB scores and weighs in with a few goals/assists.

  • Lucas Digne is da boi

  • Matt Doherty is currently 56p, will be virtually ever present next season if he stays injury free. The improvement he has shown under Nuno is exceptional - he is the perfect attacking full back for the system we play. 8 goals and 5 assists last season plus the added bonus of Europe.

  • I'm waiting on one sub 40p at the minute but just waiting for something to happen before going ahead with the green light to purchase 2,000

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