• When are they joining? And what will it actually mean? Prices to rise ?

  • Not sure but i'm hoping Emil Forsberg's price rockets like Mo Salah because of this news!!!!!!!!

  • Why are Mo Salah and Emil Forbergs prices related with this news??

  • apologies... twas a poor pun... rockets as in quick... quick as in Salah.... rockets as in Salah's price boom over the last 6 months.... maybe i weren't thinking straight... maybe i needed a smiley face at the end of my sentence? Maybe i should of just used Chalobah as a reference????? Next time i'll think before i write....

    Or was it just a cunning plan to boost the price of both players????..... Nwa Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

  • @dannypea personally don't think the Sweden thing will make any different to Swedish players unless they sign for someone like man Utd, arsenal or Liverpool. I bought 1000 forsberg when he was 59p and sold them all. His buzz scores aren't that high for Leipzig when he's fit so unless he recreates the assists form he did last season I don't see I massive increase. May make it to about £1.10ish I reckon.

  • Forsberg for the World Cup also

  • I brought Forsberg on the basis if Sweden have a good WC he should have a large influence on that... So one in the bag but his form hasn't been amazing for RB so maybe i'm clutching a little.... I do think a couple of Swedes may see a price rise though as we (Brits) always seem to back what we know so why not?? Lindelof is probably a better bet but the national side lacks stars so not much else leaping out at me?

  • @dannypea Yeah, I think you may be right about Lindelof. If he can force his way into the Utd team on a regular basis, has a decent World Cup or there is interest in him when Sweden joins, his price could increase quite a bit. I've bought a few shares in him just in case.

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