What are your targets on here?

  • I understand dividends essentially drive the market, but people buy on "potential" dividends rather than actual dividends.

    Basically, everyone has a potential/angle they can win dividends from. An argument can be made for most.....

    With a rising tide (growing market) everyone seems to get a rise.

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  • @Friedeggs said in What are your targets on here?:

    @Ericali you still running/including your other (relatives)😉 account ❓

    Quiet on that one, Mr Eggs.... 😉

  • Seems I'm one of the few people on here yet to withdraw a single penny from the index. I'm a smalltime but long-time user and I've spent the last 2-3 years depositing small amounts, which equates to £1,790 deposits and a port value of just over £2,600, representing c.45% gross profit so far.

    I don't intend to withdraw anything until I'm convinced the growth of the platform is stagnating, and I think we're a year away from that yet.

    I don't have any targets, but as someone else said, this activity has stopped me from pissing away the obligatory £20 per weekend with the bookies. So as long as I don't end up losing every single penny invested, I've basically saved myself a lot of money in losing bets...

  • I started on here in April 2018. Originally had the objective to be risk free and withdraw all my net deposits, which I achieved 6 months later in October 2018.

    Then I realised there is so much further for this platform to go and I upped my deposits. Currently £7000 net deposits with the majority of that coming in the last few months. I need to get about £4500 of that out towards the end of this year to help pay for my honeymoon, but I intend to keep the rest of my net deposits and slowly withdraw them via the following method:

    1. Every month, work out how much profit I've made (if any)
    2. Leave 50% of the months profit in the index
    3. Withdraw the other 50%
    4. Split the 50% I've withdrawn in half. Half can go on boring stuff like overpaying the mortgage. The other half can go on fun stuff, like a really good meal out somewhere or a few nights away.

    Feels like a win/win/win scenario where I can continue to build my investment in the index, slowly move towards being risk free and also get some enjoyment out of the money.

  • @kaka8 I have 45 players with 5500 shares and its fairly evenly split , to start with I only really went for mid to low price players but as i learnt I began to build up on some shares in the higher ones and currently hold 250 Rashford and 180 in both Kane and Sterling.
    I dont really flip much and rely mainly on gains. I have no real % gain target before I sell as I brought 60 De Ligt very early on for £1.60 when he got to £4 (before split) I thought thats enough he wont go up any more and sold he then went up to the equivalent of £9 and won countless divs ,lesson learned !
    I try and get in early on players for example most people will wait now until they have a chance on I.P.D for the new season where I have already bought players and dont worry to much about the I.P.D`s just concentrate on gains this is working well at the moment.
    I would say the majority of my players are aged between 20 -25 only really 2 exceptions Hazzard (100) who I think will be massive next year and Foden currently only have 60 but will add some each month.
    I used to save £250 each month in a savings account which ultimately my wife and daughter used to spend anyway ! now it goes straight into FI and is far more enjoyable and profitable.
    Good Luck when you start and the vast majority of people on this forum are great and I have learnt loads through reading their posts and opinions.

  • Been on FI nearly 5 months.. 53 years old...deposited £700..Port is now £880+ not huge amounts by some standards on here but I'm more than happy atm... set a target of 1.5k after a year and then looking to double year on year... if that were to continue I can retire happily doing something I enjoy...

  • @gloryhornet88 I am similar to you apart from our tastes in football teams ! I have not withdrawn a penny yet and dont intend to while the platform is still growing currently around 40% increase better than any savings plan and as you say better than giving it to the bookies !

  • I've been on since Feb and currently my port value is 30% more than my net deposits. Ultimately my plan is to slowly withdraw my original funds and just play with profit but I've been telling myself that for a while and have yet to actually withdraw. Made a decision over the last few days on a plan of action to do so but not sure if it is the best one. I've decided that 25% is the magic number. Any player who is up 25% I will sell the equivalent shares that make up the value of the 25% profit and withdraw whilst keeping the original cost in the player just with less shares. Does anyone else have a precise plan like this or is it just gut feeling?

  • @Vespasian32 and @Ericali

    I still disagree about commission being irrelevant.

    I think the point I'm struggling to make is that instead of buying in and out of the same player, several times over the course of a year and paying commission every time. You could just sit on the future for the 3 year period, ride the waves/bumps and only sell the player on one occasion. Therefore only paying commission once.

    From my experience, I didn't realise how much money I was spending on commission, and genuinely believe I would be in a far better position, had i actually just held the majority of my futures for the entirety of the time allowed.

    I don't disagree with your strategy, but I'm hoping that you can see the point I'm trying to make.

    We are both making profit, but I believe you could have made more profit by trading less.

  • Been on here since the end of 2017.

    7.8k in Dividends
    67% up since then on net deposits.
    Everything goes back in as it's better than an ISA.

    The gearing factor now means i have the big dividend earners sat with some hefty numbers churning monthly. Summer transfer windows increase that value by 200% in some instances. I invest for MB wins and use PB as a bonus.

  • @Ellisandro

  • @Hat1988 same FI strategy, same year of birth I assume, but polar opposites in terms of the clubs we support. FI, the great unifier of rival supporters.

    I imagine you got on James Justin before his huge rise last season?

  • I’m just shy of 50% ROI after 12 months or so of trading.

    Once I surpass 50% I’m going to start withdrawing every month whatever I have which takes me above 50% until I’m trading with pure profit. This will take a number of months, so I haven’t decided what my plan is after that!

  • @gloryhornet88 yes 64 was a good year ! I think we may even have been above you in the league at that point. Believe it or not I don't rate JJ that highly decent player but if Potts had not have been injured last year he probably would not have got a game , I hope he does well at Leicester but I have my doubts.

    If Jack Stacey comes on the index then jump on him he is way better than JJ at this stage and apparently on his way to Bournemouth , he is real quality losing both our full backs means it could be a long season for us just hope we manage to stay up

  • Started on new years day with £20, up to £3k by mid April and £5k deposit by end of May.
    Current port value is £7070 with no withdrawals, aiming for at least £8k by end of the year.
    No plans to withdraw just yet as feel the platform will only grow, although not planning to deposit anymore either.
    Wouldn't have come this far without help from all the guys on the forum to give me the confidence to keep going, thanks all!

  • @Ellisandro said in What are your targets on here?:

    Been on here since the end of 2017.

    7.8k in Dividends
    67% up since then on net deposits.
    Everything goes back in as it's better than an ISA.

    The gearing factor now means i have the big dividend earners sat with some hefty numbers churning monthly. Summer transfer windows increase that value by 200% in some instances. I invest for MB wins and use PB as a bonus.


  • @Neil2265 youre welcome. To turn £20 into £7k I'm assuming you used my El Ghazi and Vanaken tips 😉

  • @Vespasian32 With a 5k deposit but yes making good progress.
    Erm no...unfortunately not!

  • Put 5K just after deposit bonus. Shame I didn't jump on the bandwagon like 1 year ago. No target just see what happens. Still debating whether to take the investment up to 10K. Currently about £300 up on my port in about 2 weeks & £30 in divs.

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