What are your targets on here?

  • The other day I bought a pair of shoes for £50 and that was using a weeks worth of Wan Bissaka and Neymar dividends.

    Not much money, but having something physical to show for some savvy trading has been quite a rewarding feeling...can't really explain it.

  • @Martyn-B Doh cheers mate lol

    Just worked out just over 40% gain in 5 months so can't complain.

  • @Ericali
    difficult to say so il talk dividends. I made close to £1000 in my first year, I invested for the long term. If Bernardo, Lozano, Milinkovic Savic and Martinez as well as a few others make the grade in 2-3 years then that could be x4
    If they increase dividends 1.28x every 6months then in 2-3 years thats an increase of 3-4x.

    Then we move to south america or asia where the money goes 3x as far.

    Its all a beautiful dream but whatever happens I just love football and this makes me feel more involved in that world which only seems to bless around 200 people

  • @Doug-s said in What are your targets on here?:

    Stupid hat fully on..
    People taking out profits = I don't understand
    1.Taking out Dividends
    2.selling futures to release the gains??

    But dosent that leave people with less futures to make money.

    1. Do people sell out everything then re-invest ?

    Sorry in advance if I'm missing the obvious 🤔

    Nah, it isn't a silly question mate.

    I have always reinvested my dividends. I am usually quite active in the market, taking advantage of trends and opportunities.

    I have also taken advantage of previous deposit bonuses.

    While the market was performing well, I started to sell a large amount of my futures that were in profit (and that I believed had peaked). I then removed this money from my balance, back into my personal bank account.

    Yes I now have less futures and less of a balance to make money from, but importantly, I have reduced the risk factor.

    I gamble now with minimal risk. No hassle, no worries, no stress.

    I accept it's not for everyone, but it definitely keeps the missus off my back 🤣 She thought I was bonkers a year ago when I started this ...

  • Cheers for replies
    Helped out
    From clown 🤡 to savvy cash 🤠 cowboy I hope.

  • Started Oct 18. Investment 8k in bits and bobs. Current port+cash balance just over 17k.
    When the day comes where this can’t return me 50% or so per annum on port value I’m gone. Too risky for a small/ish percentage return.

  • I don’t put in fortunes in, so have gone with withdrawing every 3 months if I have made at least a certain amount of profit.

    That way I know I have definitely not lost it all, or can tell the missus my guaranteed profit so far, if I get grilled when she is eggy or something.

    Maybe I will up my investment one day if my circumstances change financially, but I am enjoying it doing as I am.

  • To have some football fun.

    I havnt got nearly enough to replicate my earnings from my job. (Which nearly all gets spent on the usual life things)

    If I had 100k spare I might consider making a living from it, amongst other things like a YouTube channel etc...but that’s a wondering thought.

    It’s fun, it’s better and more addictive than a £20 b365 punt, and it beats flicking through Facebook or Instagram which I’ve Well and truly deleted.

    I invested 1k last year...made £300 profit.

    Il invest 10k this year...hopeful of same %profit.

    Then who knows aye..it’s a glass ceiling we live in afterall and glass can be broken.

  • Started in Sept 2018 with 1k up to 5.5k now current port just over 8k so very happy.

    My intention is to keep investing think this is a good long term saving scheme and hope to have at least 50k in 5 years when I will be 60 at which point I will retire and probably use some to enjoy the good life 😀

    Whatever happens it’s fun and for me more profitable than gambling which I now do much less than before FI

  • @Hat1988 Very impressive, well done😃

  • @MickTurbo said in What are your targets on here?:

    @MickTurbo said in What are your targets on here?:
    "every man who has ever got rich"

    Or woman! Please dont ban me 😂😂


  • @Hat1988
    nice, whats your strategy? So many different ideas and yours seems very effective
    I may open a separate account and have a go with a small amount.. unless its private of course

  • @Ericali
    Interesting post & very positive news for everyone

    Proof too ....that no one has 'missed the boat'....if ur savvy enough there is always opportunities to make
    good money

    After doing some number crunching found......Im not doing myself justice as I'm at £3k profit already (Oct 2018)

    & as you mentioned commission ....that's £330 yours being ❓

    Also £625 divs ...ur' currently at ❓

  • @Ericali said in What are your targets on here?:

    @MrWh1te said in What are your targets on here?:

    driving lessons

    Probably deserves another thread, but...

    Personal opinion? 🤔

    I bleedin' hated them!

    Still gives me nightmares! Passed on 7th attempt at 9am, wrote of my first car at 9pm that night!

  • @Gazz127 said in What are your targets on here?:

    @Martyn-B Doh cheers mate lol

    Just worked out just over 40% gain in 5 months so can't complain.

    Still very nice growth! Long may it continue for all of us. 500% ROI would be amazing!

  • @Friedeggs I've payed twice as much comission as dividends earned. So I should be "losing"

    But I'm 11k up.... So that argument is rubbish.

    Too much is made of comission. If it's a winning trade, it's a winning trade regardless. 👍

  • @Ericali yeh said that to johny boy! My commish is also double/treble divs. But I'm happy to buy a player I think will win divs and sell him on the spike before divs are paid. I use dividend players to drive my value but take the cap ap rather than the divs for most of my time on index. Only during the media bonus have I started raking jn divs... Nearly £400 in the last 25 days from Neymar alone

  • I understand dividends essentially drive the market, but people buy on "potential" dividends rather than actual dividends.

    Basically, everyone has a potential/angle they can win dividends from. An argument can be made for most.....

    With a rising tide (growing market) everyone seems to get a rise.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Friedeggs said in What are your targets on here?:

    @Ericali you still running/including your other (relatives)😉 account ❓

    Quiet on that one, Mr Eggs.... 😉

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