Wed 14th Feb - IPO Preview - a single Valentine!

  • First of all, I'd like to compliment FI for listening to their customers again. I've just noticed that the Porto players are coming in earlier than planned and then remembered seeing a tweet complaining that they wouldn't be eligible for dividends cos they IPO after 2pm. So FI have reversed the order - impressively understanding.

    Anyway back onto the subject of IPO's, 2 stand out tomorrow. Curtis Edwards @40p is the first, found a new spiritual home in Sweden at Osterunds, statiscally very good but that's in a non qualifying much weaker league. They're up against Arsenal in the EL on Thursday and he'll definitely draw attention and the Swedes may well take a shine to him when they come online. So will anyone buy him tomorrow? Probably not but he's definitely one to watch over the next fortnight.

    Right the real deal tomorrow amongst the injection of Champions and Europa League hopefuls is Porto striker Mousa Marega - he's nearly notching at a rate of 1 in 1 in the Pork n Cheese league and has been scouted by the big guns in January. I expect he'll be the only one to feature in tomorrow's top 5 risers!

    Rui at Napoli isn't a better prospect than the cheaper Hysaj so 70p is poorly benchmarked for me (plus he's only filling info for Ghoulam anyway) Others could be decent players but the stats don't impress against their IPO prices.

  • Marega went pretty well but if he rips Liverpool a new one tonight he could well rise again.

    Gonna need 2 TV's on the go tonight, Real vs PSG is gonna be one hell of a game but guess that's stating the obvious! Come on King Bale!

  • Mario Rui up 33% - I'm scratching my head at that one I must admit. 1 goal in 91 games, keeping Ghoulam's place warm, inferior baseline to goalscoring Koulibaly and Albiol.

    Just don't see the attraction myself BUT that's what makes the Index so appealing, pre-empt the masses (even if they're wrong) and you're quids in :-)

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