Neymar had just crossed the £10 line

  • Neymar is the first to reach £10!

  • Who is going to be next then...?

  • @Jay-Frazz
    Kane if England have a good WC?

  • @devlin7 Time to start buying then i guess...

  • @Jay-Frazz

    Chalobah of course...

  • @Happy-Hornet - Haha! Of course!! I should know that by now - right?!

  • @Happy-Hornet said in Neymar had just crossed the £10 line:


    Chalobah of course...

    Has a very biased spurs supporter to me last night Lamela briefly broke the £1 barrier and became the less st expensive top quality £1 player on the index ran around chasing the ball like a retrevier chasing a frisby controlled the game tempo and no silly shooting or bad tackles for a change passing superb and justified selection already this month called Jack a pussy and mugged VVD for a penalty maybe he’s only 40 Ribonas away from being first £20 player ;-) has long has Chalobah don’t beat him there . In all seriousness I think he could win the CL with spurs and part the Red Sea in the same night and still wouldn’t make it to two quid

  • Anyone who has paid a tenner for any player needs their head seeing to.

  • Just seen this and appreciated it very much....

    2.50 per year in dividends is a reasonable target for the top players on the index to achieve. 2.50 a year is 21p dividends a month. Neymar has already made that this month....

    A 20% yield is a 12.50 player
    A 15% yield is a 16.66 player.

    £10 in not the ceiling.

    not knowing what the spread size would be is probably putting some people off, especially if there's an injury.

  • @MK him costing me ten quid per future is putting me off. I can buy 10 or 20 x other player for that price who I think will make me more money over 3 years. Let all the sheep keeping jumping on though and good luck to you all.

  • bit negative Stevo... I brought Neymar at just over £7's 2/3 months back so have already made near £3 a share and a bucket load of dividends (only Coutinho & Sanchez have made me more per future) so he seems to me an obvious choice for most portfolios? MB yesterday... MB today (probably)... regular PB's.... huge rise in value..... You can chuck in to a load of 80p players but no guarantees they'll rise as quick or earn anything in dividends so i don't really see your logic?

    Yes £10 is a lot to put down on one player but has anyone else risen in price as quick in the last three months??? I'm sure someone can answer that???

  • Thing with Neymar is he is guaranteed to bring in loads of dividends between now and the end of the WC at least, and if we're being honest, probably a long time after that. MB win yesterday for doing nothing and pretty much every game he plays he'll win MB for having a bad game and MB + PB if he has a good game. Probably going to be extra dividend payouts for the WC too. And with new members coming in all the time there's no reason his price shouldn't keep rising in theory. So if you have a hundred quid, 10 Neymars is guaranteed divi returns and a good chance of a pretty big price rise - you could see bigger returns on 100 of a 1-pound player, but only if you pick the right one from among many - so in a sense the risk there is greater. A lot of smart and experienced traders have been part of the big rise on Neymar today, it's not just brainless "sheep".

  • @Stevo people who have the money and can buy 100, 200, 300 neymars are buying to hold and return them frequent dividends, which is also a pretty low risk option.

    other people will say it is expensive coz they want to make money 'quick' or don't have that much to invest so want to buy cheaper players as they will be able to buy more in hope of 'that big rise' and then start to move money into the top players which will return the frequent wins with less stress and portfolio management.

    all depends on your strategy (which there are so many) and budget which everyones will differ so saying 'needs their head seeing to' is a bit OTT.

  • @dannypea not just regular PBs his max and average PBs eclipse every other player on the index

  • @dannypea fair enough buying him at £7. I was tempted to buy him at just under 6 quid around September and he was as low as 2 quid when I joined in April but my point is why would you buy him for £10.

    I don't want to spend 10k to make 2k in one year cos if I had that sort of money to throw at it I think I could make a lot more using other options. Maybe a bit negative calling people sheep but I don't think enough people think outside the box on here, they see a player have one good game and jump on like they are going to keep rising forever. (I appreciate neymar has far more than one good game but im generalising.)

    Buy low sell high. Anyone remember bitcoin?

  • What are these "other options"? As mentioned before everyone has a different approach, buy low sell high is just one of them. Sounds like you missed the boat and are a little bit bitter, if people want to spend extra on a player to guarantee some returns that's up to them, let's keep it positive!

  • @NewUser86649 obviously I'm bitter but not of people who are paying a tenner a pop. I would have love to have got him at 2 quid! I'm not telling anyone how to spend their money I'm just giving an alternative opinion instead of joining the Neymar love in on this forum. Messi was the flavour of the month a little back and nobody thought his form or media appeal would dip either.

    I hope everyone makes as much as they can out of this site and I'm always willing to make positive suggestions as plenty of my previous posts will suggest.

  • @Stevo oh there's loads of ways we could cut it. Is 4 otamendis or gio lo celso better than 1 neymar. Or 8 Trent Alexander Arnold. Etc. Etc

  • @Stevo I respect your opinion, but personally I can't see why if 7 quid is "fair enough" 10 is crazy when there's every chance he's worth 15 or more by the end of the year.

  • @BL__FI
    For some strange reason people seem to think that now that he has reached £10 his price will stop going up.

    If youre investing for the long term, Neymar has to be one of the safest options for a good return on your money. Even if his price were to drop back to £8, the money gained through dividends over the next 3 years will dwarf that (and the chances are, in 3 years, he will be worth a hell of a lot more than £10)

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