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  • Banega & Savanier | My Portfolio - Episode 5

    In this episode we look at two high scoring PB players, Ever Banega and Teji Savanier. Both are central midfielders, both are deep-lying playmakers, but both players are potentially risky trades. Here, I go into my reasons for buying shares in these players, what to expext next season, and what are the risks.

    ▶️ https://youtu.be/35cUYH7sRUo

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  • Decent video - Been on Savanier for a while and lucky enough to benefit from his PBs last season. I topped up as I see his move to Montpellier as a positive. Hes staying in the easiest PB league and for a better team. I'm sure they've signed him to start and I'm sure he will continue to pick up decent PB scores. Hopefully he will take corners etc

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah
    Same, I expect him to do well again this season. My only concern with Savanier is whether he will be taking all the set-pieces for Montpellier, like he did for Nimes, as obviously the set-pieces contributed greatly to his PB scores.

  • @FI-Manager Do you know who took the set pieces for Montpellier last season? Surely Savanier is a better dead ball player and playmaker than anyone in their squad?

  • @FI-Manager Both are beasts but the silly rumours of banega moving to fenerbache dropped his price, but he’s said he’d only move to a bigger club, when he doesn’t move his price will fly up as he’s a PB monster

  • @Uncle-G

    Hope so. I picked him for the latest Avincula challenge for this reason. I have a few in him too. Bit of a gamble but if he does stay it should reap the dividends again.

  • @Weggers83 my fingers & toes are crossed too mate, even hoping emery & Arsenal show interest again

  • The latest on Benega. Not the best as its translated from Turkish. Reports from Turkey is that Seville want to swap Benega for Fernado. Reports in Spain is that Seville want to swap Mesa for fernando, both articles 1 hour apart.

    I'm tempted to get on but seems that the 1 year contract is scaring Seville so unless he signs an extension they may cash in, which is my worry.

    'Waiting for Ever Banega, the star of Sevilla, which Fatih Terim demanded to be taken absolutely. Spanish press, the Andalusian team who want to add to the staff of the ongoing Argentine player Galatasaray, Fernando plus 3 million euros in exchange for the cost of this transfer may end if he writes writes. On the other hand Sevilla Sport Director Monchi'nin Fernando'yu wanted to transfer to Rome during the period learned. Coach Fatih Terim is pleased with the contribution of the Brazilian player, but it is claimed that the star player may allow the transfer of the contract due to the end of 1 year.'

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah

    It is a risk ofcourse but I think it's all bollocks and just paper talk. Banega is adored in Sevilla and I keep topping up when I can because it's my gut feeling he's not moving and if it's true that he stays then he's gonna have such a huge rise. I just want to go with my gut because I go against my gut quite regularly and regret it

  • I think it would be a gamble to invest on Banega (all be it priced at a pittance 0.68) right now until his future is resolved.. If he stays at Seville then great, his price stays the same and he's a solid PB hold all be it the wrong side of 30 but if he leaves to a none PB league he'll drop 30p or so and won't recover... If he continues to be rumoured with a move to Arsenal however then he could be a risk worth taking? But not for me just yet!!!

    As for Savanier less risky than Banega as we know where his future is but more risky as we don't know how he'll fit in at Montpellier? I would say at 1.12 isn't a bad price to pay as he could have a great start to the season and this could jump? Otherwise a slow start and he could go the other way??

    I don't see huge risks though as you might at worst lose 0.30-0.40 a share which compared to holding someone like Pogba or Neymar is a minor dip on a quiet news day!!!

  • @dannypea said in ▶️ Banega & Savanier:

    I don't see huge risks though as you might at worst lose 0.30-0.40 a share which compared to holding someone like Pogba or Neymar is a minor dip on a quiet news day!!!

    That's reasoning I never understand. If you lose 30p on a 68p player you are losing 44% of the money you have in the player. If you lose 30p on Pogba you are losing under 5% of the money you have in him. Risk can only be measured in percentage terms to adequately assess in my opinion.

  • @janner73 i think my point is more ££ than %..

    Banega priced at 0.68 the most you can lose is 0.68.. although this is more likely half of that if he gets a dead rubber move to China... If Pogba at 6.83 (after dropping from 7.13 a week ago (which is -0.30)) drops another 0.40 which might be much lower in your terms of percentage... but financially you've lost more than you can ever lose on Banega... if that makes sense??

  • @dannypea I get where you're coming from. But I honestly believe thinking in £ terms leads people to bad trading decisions. the £ terms only truly applies if you hold equal shares in every player. I know a lot of people tend to hold bigger amounts of futures in cheaper players so percentage is the only way to truly understand risk.

  • @janner73 I wouldn't say % is the 'only' way to understand risk...

    If i've got 200 shares in a £5 player and he's dropped 25% in value i've lost £250...

    If i've got 200 shares in a £1 player and he's dropped 25% in value i've lost £50... not quite the same thing????

    I wouldn't want to panic anybody in to not investing in the top end of the market but lets be real here.. individuals need to understand their own risk and buying Banega x1, x2, x1000 is not as risky as buying the same no of shares in Paul Pogba... now buying x50 Banega and x2 Paul Pogba's is a completely different thing... but if we go like for like which is simplest terms then there is no comparison, although without risk there's often little reward.. 2/3 years of dividend records tells you that Pogba WILL most likely provide more of a return in the long run!!!

  • @dannypea which is why I said £ terms only truly replies if you hold equal shares in each player :)
    I just think at times the risk in the low end gets played down when in fact it can be riskier - fewer people holding larger number of shares who can move prices quickly, pump and dumps etc.
    I 100% agree with you that individuals need to understand their own risk but in my humble opinion that's far from being just a price point decision.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah I'm pretty sure Delort was taking penalties, which added to his IPD value. I'm confident he will at least he on some of the set pieces, and may eventually be on all of them by the end of the season.

  • @Uncle-G

    I think the rumours hold some weight unfortunately. Though, at times there have been conflicting reports, like the Sporting Director saying they don't want to sell. But that could just be a ploy to up his transfer fee.

    I'd like to think Banega would prefer to stay for another year, playing in a top league where he thrived last year.

  • @janner73 I agree to an extent but don't forget... we don't get paid on percentages.. we get paid in pound notes so whilst yes it's very good to analyse your portfolio on a percentage basis what we really want to know is how much money we make or lose.

    Generally my portfolio is equal shares through out my portfolio from Pogba & Neymar to Onana and Marega so perhaps its easier to use my simplistic view for me... But i get that others will need much thorough detailed descriptions to diversify where they are up and down...

    For me its simple... if Banega loses you 30p and Pogba loses you 30p you've lost 30p... My point being due to the price of Banega it would be less risky as he could only drop a further 0.38 whilst Pogba could lose you a lot more... and from experience of holding players under the £1 bracket I have very rarely seen big losses within my portfolio compared to some that i've had at the higher end which is probably why people like me play the risk levels down at the lower end???

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah

    Don't get me started on translating the Turkish media 😂. My head is fried trying to decipher the multiple articles and trying to figure out it any of it is credible lol.

  • @dannypea

    Yeah the risk for Savanier is whether he will take all the set pieces like he did with Nimes. I don't have too many concerns about his quickly he will settle in, as it's the same league, he is part of an improved squad and it's his childhood club.

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