List of improvements for FI (add yours)

  • ability to 'sort' portfolio as you can with player lists... i want to see how much my players have increased/decreased on a particular day/week/month etc

    so rather than just give a current price - as with any stocks and shares portfolio it will normally show a % change in price for that day etc

  • @Presto "Improved search options.
    Player search is rather basic, why not add filters under an advanced search option such as, search by team, age, price , league etc...."


  • When Selecting A Player In Your Port, list date/Price/Share's Purchased Breakdown

    25 shares purchased 20p = £5
    100 shares purchased 25p = £25

    50 shares purchased 26p = £13

    total shares = 175 Price = £43

  • @NewUser289506 said in List of improvements for FI (add yours):

    To be able to open the player info from my port page rather than having to go to top 200 then search his name and open that way. Annoying.

    update player info.

    All of above.


  • @Presto
    List shares bought in same player at different values as the value they were bought at NOT merged in a formula that loses you money if your second share are more than first!!!1

  • If shares bought at different prices then I would like to have the option of which shares I’d then like to sell

  • Time remaining on shares I think is a no-brainer...makes total sense to me.

  • Search function needs a major overhaul. They need to add filters to search specific teams

    When a team sheet is announced I want to see that teams players with ease, not have to trudge through the index typing every players name in

    By the time you have found a player he has already risen 10p

  • Software needs a major overhaul, Orderbooks been promised for months, better search facilities, being able to look at your own portfolio players.

  • Actual trackers.
    The current top 10 'tracker' just buys one share of the top 10 players at that time.

    I'd like to be able to buy an index tracker which moves in line with the Footie.
    Just like the trackers in real stock markets.

    I'm aware of why they wouldn't want to do this (lack of commission from sales) but they could just charge you 1 or 2% of the profits per month/quarter/year.

  • Maybe an auto-sell function when your futures reach the 3 year deadline to remove the fear of forgetting to sell them before the time lapses.

  • Or an auto-renewal (for a fee)

  • Don't know if this has been suggested before, but instead of over complicating the website for 'casual' users, I would create another desktop version of the website, something along the lines of 'Football Index Pro' in which all the more detailed information (IPD eligiblity, date held since etc.) is listed.

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