Why Are We Waiting? It's The Domino Effect Apparently

  • Bayern Munich CEO Karl Heinz Rumminege todayish.

    "The transfer market is open until Sept. 2. We are still ready to bring in what is called a top player. Until now there has not been the one big transfer which would act as a domino effect.

    "We are waiting, all the clubs are waiting for the first big transfer. Because that will then trigger more big transfers. We are well positioned and patient."

    Sane? Neymar? Griezmann? Pogba?

    Some massive deals to come by the look of it all round Europe. Robben and Ribery need replacing at Bayern for sure. A Neymar deal could spark the big players on the move everywhere.

  • @Dalien-Smith said in Why Are We Waiting? It's The Domino Effect Apparently:

    Robben and Ribery need replacing at Bayern for sure

    Coman & Gnabry can do that but with Neymar missing training & Pogba rattling the cage not long to wait now for the merrygoround to start.

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  • @NewUser159387

    You might add Alphonso Davies to that pair but its clear Bayern are chasing Sane. They are in the market for a world class winger. If Sane was to move is Rumminege hinting that Manchester City would need a world class replacement for Sane i.e Neymar?

  • There’s no way Pep would be bringing Neymar into that team. His attitude wouldn’t fit, and it would have a negative effect with him trying to be centre of attention. Not sure who he has his eye on, or even if a replacement is needed. Mahrez and B Silva can do a job, and it could free up space for Foden to be more involved in the team too - not to mention the other talented youngsters he would have in the academy.

  • @GregF I don't think Sane will happen. The better bet is Ousmane Dembele. He's clearly been pushed all summer. Linked with a number of clubs. Dembele leaving Barcelona would clear the way for Neymar to return.

  • I have shares in Coman, as I'm expecting a big season from him. In saying that, they only have 3 wide forwards for those 2 positions, and the main two Coman and Gnabry have had their injury problems. They have made it known that they are seeking another player in that position, with the preference being Sane.

    No matter who they get, it will be interesting to see who will be the no.1 starter.

    Coman's impressive stats last year, despite injuries:
    0_1562672568342_Kingsley Coman.jpg

  • @FI-Manager Great player Coman. I agree. The injuries are a big concern. I each of the last 3 seasons he's had considerably more than a month off. If he can get a full season under his belt he could fly but that's a big if.

  • @Dalien-Smith

    Yeah that is the risk I'm willing to take. There is no denying his talent, and when he gets a good run, his stats (above) are very impressive. Still young too.

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