Thurs 15th Feb - IPO Preview

  • Well I must admit I got Mario Rui completely wrong today, an incredible rise to £1.18 so far. I still don't think he's worth any more than Hysaj or Albiol due to his lack of goals but time will tell on that one. That's worse than my underestimation of Fred but you can't get them all right.

    To boot, tomorrow is one of the most puzzling IPO days I've seen - to start with we've got a very young Napoli midfielder in Gianluca Gaetano - cheap at 40p but he's seriously young and information on him is quite sparce.

    Then we have Bas Dost, an absolute goal machine in both the Bundesliga and Primeira Liga, in fact I'm surprised Sporting Lisbon managed to buy him ahead of more wealthier clubs crying out for a goalscorer. He's continued his ridiculous scoring on for Lisbon and it's perfect timing for their Europa League game away at Astana. According to one report he has a £56m buyout clause which is pretty steep for a one dimensional striker - although he deals very well in the games most important currency of goals!

    In terms of value I should imagine he'll be somewhere in the same ballpark at Marega (75) and Aboubakar (95) so hard one to call with him starting at 70p.

    Then we have Loren Moron, 3 goals in 2 games must make give him the best strike rate in Europe ;-) the puzzling thing with him is that he's 24 and only just broken into Betis first team even though he's been smashing them in for their B team (and has a decent record previous to that). Betis were running with Sergio Leon as their only striker after Sanabria's long term injury so I don't understand why he wasn't drafted in sooner. So is he a flash in the pan or La Liga's next rising star? Without those goals he should be IPO'ing around 50p so not sure if 70p is a bit risky.

    Finally the most intriguing player of the day for me is Ruben Neves @ Wolves who paid a whopping £16m for him. The reports so far are very impressive - he scores goals, takes control of dead balls and belies his years with metronomic passing. He's also broken into the Portuguese team with a firm eye on the World Cup. So unless Wolves implode he's pretty much guaranteed Premier League footy next year and I should imagine the big guns might prefer to see how he performs in the 1st half of the season or at the WC before making a move. His teammate Jota is sitting around the 90 mark but I think this guy could well usurp him tomorrow.

  • Now that I've got shares in him, I can offer my 2p worth

    I'm a wolves fan, and this lad is worth every single penny of what we paid for him and it's frightening to think that he's only 20 years old, he really is a future super star

  • I’m also a wolves fan and honestly he shouldn’t be at wolves, he’s a class above

  • @NewUser102149 his goal against us (sufc) was unreal. Not sure why players from championship clubs are being added before plenty of other huge players from the top 5 leagues though. Maybe slightly understand Neres cos you look defined for promotion and he's clearly guna be a star in the PL either way but Leeds players. What's that all about?

  • Reading those responses I've just pulled 100 out of the sale queue! Sod the flip, looking forward to him ripping up the WC ;-)

  • @Agatello how much did you get him for mate? If you don't mind me asking 😁

  • Literally he’s a baller guys! I think he’ll show his true quality in the prem, the championship is a walk in the park for him! I managed to get 100 at £0.80, JOTA also a very good attackive player and I’d also say premier league quality, wolves have made an agreement to sign him permanently in the summer so he’ll be going to the premier league next season (unless wolves suddenly turn awful).

  • @Stevo said in Thurs 15th Feb - IPO Preview:

    @Agatello how much did you get him for mate? If you don't mind me asking 😁

    Not at all mate 72p. Happy with that tbh.

  • Whilst we have Wolves fans in the thread... Bonatini up tomorrow... thoughts?

  • Bonatini I'm less excited about to be honest, he's gone off the boil as late and I'd expect us to buy a better striker in the summer which may mean he's a bit player next season, I'll have a small holding on him but I won't hold as many as Jota or Neves

  • Was very excited to get 80 shares in Neves for under £1. He'll be hitting at least £2 by the start of next season. Whether he'll feature in the World Cup for Portugal I'm not sure. Jota as mentioned will also be signing permanently for Wolves next year. Another fantastic player. I'm also reluctant to go in for Bonatini. He's another loan player but whilst he has done well I feel he may just be being edged out of the side and with new players coming in next year I wouldn't be surprised if we don't take up the option to sign him permanently. As a Wolves fan I really hope they allow us to snap up Gibbs-White and Conor Ronan....products of the academy and an exceptionally talented footballers.

  • So 60p too pricey?

  • I'd probably have a small punt at 60p but I wouldn't be buying at much higher

    To give a bit of perspective, it was rumoured that we'd bid 30m for Andre Silva of AC Milan in January so it gives an idea of the calibre of players that we would be targetting, our new owners put us into the top 5 richest clubs in the country so I'd expect us to be throwing a lot of cash about in the summer which I'd imagine would see Leo pushed down the pecking order

  • so (to Wolves fans) of the three would you say Neves is best??? I remember watching Jota and being impressed but not sure about Bonatini. What about Ivan Cavaleiro? And one player I really rate is Conor Coady. Still only 24 with Wolves in the Prem next season he could eventually be the white Joleon Lescott and go on to play for England??? Looks very comfortable at CB to say it's relatively new for him!!!

  • @Agatello off topic mate but what's your thoughts on insigne after last night? I understand Napoli want to win the scudetto but not playing their strongest team is a joke. Had no sympathy for them getting beaten.

    Insigne has dipped even further and I've gone and bought more haha. You reckon now they look likely to drop out of the EL and no world cup, can he recover? He's clearly class and If he can rediscover his goalscoring touch he's surely bound to win some Pb's with a game winning goal on top of his average score. You agree?


  • @Stevo absolutely mate, he's a PB machine, I'm gonna do the same myself once these IPO's slow down. He could receive some xfer spec in the summer but he's only so cheap cos he hasn't scored for a while with no WC or EL (soon). He's the Parejo of the Fwds so expect him north of £4 by December.

  • @Agatello well that's my thinking but start to doubt yourself when the price is sinking lower and lower! I reckon he's as good as Dybala just hasn't had the same transfer interest yet. It looks like they'll be in the CL for next season even if they don't win the league.

  • Back yourself mate, he's in a real trough at the moment and that's where the astute pick up their bargains.

    The most obvious purchase I've ignored is Toby Alderweireld, being a Spurs fan I KNEW he was stupidly underpriced around 60p with his ability, WC and Xfer Spec but for some reason I still can't explain I didn't buy into him.

    If I don't buy bigger into Insigne I feel like the same thing could happen.

  • @Agatello yeah cheers for the advice mate. Everyone in my portfolio is a player I think has way more potential than their price suggests. I agree based on the fact he was as high as £3.60 he could easily get to £4 with an upturn in form. He's by far my biggest investment in terms of money spent because I usually only go for the cheaper end of the market so was weighing up whether the money was better spent elsewhere but decided on more Lorenzo! I never intended to sell him even if he decreses further. Was just interested in whether you agreed it's worth buying more.

  • Insigne is one of my losing trades that i'm stubbornly clinging on to. so it's good to read the votes of confidence here :)

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