Mason Greenwood: The Acceptable Face of Pump and Dumping

  • Barely over 100 minutes of first team football. No senior goals. Yet this chap is promoted daily on various social media platforms. A hat trick against modest opposition Perth Glory in a few days could see him surpass Pogba price.

    There was a big furore over Kaylen Hinds a few days ago. Research would have suggested don't touch Kaylen. The experienced on here suggest do your research. Yet Mason Greenwood is trumpeted daily with no real evidence to back it up. Mason Greenwood is the acceptable face of pumping and Dumping.

  • @Dalien-Smith i don't think anyones dumping him??? but yes... there's plenty of pumping going off!!!!

  • I was lucky enough to get in early and I'm going to stick with him for the whole ride, honestly think he'll have a breakthrough season with plenty of oportunity in the domestic cups, europa league and facing weaker opposition in the premier league.

  • @dannypea Mad to dump at this stage. I've scheduled my dumping for early August. Get back on board a week or so before the Europa League Tom foolery. Fingers crossed he doesn't score in the opening fixture. That'll seriously mess with my plans.

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