Do you think mbappa I a safe bet for strong long term gains in the market?

  • Looking at neymar as an example, mbappa has had a similar rise in the football world as regards to his wonder kid status. Do you think he will increase in future value like neymar has done, especially considering what PSG are about to pay for him in the summer? Thoughts on this topic!

  • Mbappe is basically a rich man’s Foden.

    His dividend yield for a £4 player is shockingly bad. Like Foden, if you purely look at what he is delivering on the index then he appears to be grossly over-priced. What you are paying for in both cases is potential and a punt on the player developing into something he isn’t at the moment.

    Mbappe has fantastic potential but needs to improve a huge amount (and by improve I am talking Index performance rather than on the pitch although obviously they are linked) to come anywhere near justifying his current £4 price let alone spike.

    Obviously, this could look a bit silly if he kills it tonight but the point is that he is half the price of Kane – history suggests that he is unlikely to come anywhere remotely near to delivering 50% of what you anticipate Kane delivering. Therefore it doesn’t make any rational sense to buy a future for Mbappe above one for Kane.

    Naymar is a world super-star – alone with Messi and Ronaldo so to justify a similar price, he would need to join these three. So it depends on whether you think he can get to that sort of profile in the next few years.

  • Although i agree with you that he needs to improve his dividend performance. Comparing him to foden who has played a handful of first team games is not the one lol. Mbappe as a long term hold for that big reward is probley a bit overvalued at his current price but he has returned dividends be it a while ago now

  • I said he is essentially a rich man’s Foden – they are both grossly overvalued in relation to their dividend yield so you are just buying potential. A different price point but the same principle.

    There is some analysis floating around on the top players (in terms of price) and him and Gabriel Jesus are the outliers in terms of the worst performing players.

  • I first thought this was about Adrian Mariappa but speaking of PSG does anyone remember Patrick Mboma who played for Cameroon??? What a player he was??? used to love him when playing pro evo on my 12 inch portable tv!!!!

    Back to Mbappe I think the 'long term gains' will be down to the hype and performances in the WC? If he does well then he may come out of Neymar's media shadow, if he does badly then he won't.... Looking around the French team though he should be the 'main man' and that might drive up a bit of attention... Potential to move might see a spike in value, potential to be PSG main man if Neymar leaves could see slower growth and a bit more buzz hope?

    I wouldn't chuck all my eggs in Mbappe's basket (as he is pricey without the dividends) but if we are talking about players to potentially become the next Messi & Ronaldo within the three years of our shares hold then he's certainly got to be considered up there?

    Incidentally I wouldn't rule out PSG for a 2-0 home win against Madrid? That tie is not over yet so their feint hopes of being the best in Europe could also reward his stock should the unthinkable happen?

  • Since I saw this lad play for Monaco last year I have stated it and maintained that he will be the best player in the world. He's got everything. The only criticism of him this year is I get the impression he doesn't push himself as much as he did last year and I think this is primarily because Neymar's on the opposite side of the pitch and is the star man if you like. There are real resemblances to Thierry Henry in this lad and at such a young age he has the world at his feet. I like Griezmann but I actually think Mbappe may upstage him at this years World Cup.

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