Share Split

  • Hi all,

    I’ve seen lots of talk about share spiting and I know it’s happened before on FI. Can any of the guys who have been here a while answer a few questions:

    What price was the highest priced player??

    Did dividends split?

    What happened to the market?

    Does anybody really think it will happen?


  • @SW-FI media dividend was 20p and shares split in 4 I believe and MB went to 5p.

  • @SW-FI don't think it will happen again though as this was pre PB and would be hugely complex

  • Thanks, how much was the highest valued player? When it happened ....

  • @SW-FI dunno wasn't here just picked up that info through people sharing it previously

  • I think the top player was Rooney, who got to about £6.60 before the split.

    Which means he was top of the market at roughly £1.65 in current prices. Although of course there was no performance buzz.

  • a 1/2 share split would be simple enough if they increased the 5p media payouts to 6p

  • If there's a 1/2 share split then Neymar's price goes down to £5. Do people think there would then be a mad rush at the lower price like with the IPOs or would there be a more steady increase?

  • Having witnessed the last share split I cannot see it happening again any time soon, so anyone hoping for a £5 Neymar is in for a long disappointing wait. If when he hits £15 and Messi or whoever is second is still at £8 then maybe it’ll happen but not for a fiver. However with all the new money coming, I just can’t see it.

  • I don't fully understand this. Are you saying they could for example half the price of Neymar? If so surely that just wipes half of our investment? I am probably being thick here and have misunderstood but this concerns me greatly

  • @speightman80 they give you twice the number of shares but halve the value

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