Butland, another season in championship?

  • Just wondering peoples thoughts on Butland at Stoke, is he really going to do another season in championship? I hold but have seen a dip, I may go back in as surely he isn't staying there?

  • @AndydfopT
    Could Be Possible as think stoke are asking around 20-25 million for him!!!
    but if he wants a place in the England team for euro's he has to move otherwise his place could be snapped up by angus gunn, or nick pope???

  • Perhaps il just hold long-term term as I think it's a reasonable price for an England keeper going into Euro year. I'm a Villa fan and I'd be very happy to sign him up, cheers for your feedback mate

  • @AndydfopT

    I'll be amazed if he does another year in the Championship. Simply put, he's too good for that level of football.

    The transfer market has gone mad so £20m is a fair asking price (bonkers IMO) but when keepers are going for £70m a England squad keeper isn't going for much less than the £20m being asked, especially with parachute payments meaning Stoke aren't desperate to sell.

    Where will he go? I'm really not sure.

  • @AndydfopT 100% he won't be in Championship next year. Southgate told him he needs to be playing in the Prem to be in with England and as nice as Jack is I am pretty sure he will force a move through, even if he needs to be nasty.

  • @FairlyNewUser I see your point, surely he is good value with his cost at the minute on the index?

  • @AndydfopT Not sure I bought some shares of him when first got on here few weeks ago and he's not really changed. Probably go up a bit but might be worth holding on till Euros and if he has a stella season in Prem could be putting Pickford under pressure for starting GK. I feel Pickford is too hot headed, he needs to mature and it may cost him the England spot.

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