Managing a port for someone else

  • Does anyone do it?

    I've been offered £10k to either add to my port or run a new port. I will make 15% of any profit and with £10k capital the only stipulation is they wouldn't want to lose more than £3k so if the port dropped in value I'd have to start calculating the exit point.

    Over a year I think I could turn £10k into £15k realistically... Earning £750

  • @Vespasian32 haven’t seen others do it really I’m sure it does happen though , maybe not permanently but definitely have seen people manage others over holidays , seems a no brainier , I’m completely sure you won’t drop 3k based off your suggestions and past successes , basically seems like free money to top up investments ...

  • @Vespasian32 I'd wait untill there's a bonus deposit or something........ 🤑🤑🤑 on a serious note, how well do you know this person? I wouldn't be keen to lose a friend over money. A better arrangement might be for them to have their own port, you give them tips and they pay you if a percentage of any gains from these tips.... relinquishes any immediate responsibility over someone else's cash.

  • I've done it for friends and family for months, all money in my portfolio as more than one may break the rules and would also be a pain in the arse to manage.

    I personally prefer to offer them very healthy guaranteed interest rates and keep any additional profit for myself. I would do it with more if I had richer friends. Of course there are elements of risk but I am very comfortable with it.

    Go for it buddy.

  • Don't know anyone that does it and if you decide to do it, keep it to yourself as I'm sure that in the Rules and Regs it is not allowed.
    Currently tho can't see a downside as if they are happy to lose up to £3k you could go high risk and easily double the initial investment in the current market.

  • Personally I’d never take control of a portfolio for someone else. If something goes wrong such as a breach of T&C’s then funds could be seized. You’d have to know the person really really well and even then, what if they need that money and you start losing it? What if they report you to FI or worse. People who have stable circumstances could change very quickly if something unexpected happens in their life.

  • @Chickenman it's a close friend... But he assures me no hard feelings if in 6 months time I only hand back 7k cos its gone bely up. Seems impossible to lose 30% even if I stuck his full 10k on high risk

  • For 750 quid I don’t think it’s worth it unless you’re planning on just long term trading.

  • @Vespasian32 id imagine if its within your own account you’ll be fine bit managing two accounts will be breaking the rules i would of thought. Id be careful what you do. If it was me id be more inclined to sit my friend down and thoroughly explain FI to them and have them manage their own account and offer them as much help and support along the way.

    You dont want to damage your relationship with this person and id also be wary of causing any problems within my own account incase it breaches the T&C’s by managing a second account

  • @DavidMUFC1987 he started at 10% a month or so back and i said no. Then I'm thinking OK... 15% isn't worth it for me... But I can make a mate some money and earn a few quid in the process. If I don't do it for him he won't invest in FI.

    Hes cash rich... Lost 3k in forex this month and was laughing about it. So i take him at his word that there will be no hard feeling if it goes tits up and I have to IS his port

  • @Black-wolf I'll contact FI about regulations on multiple accounts. I'd rather set up seperate to make it easier to monitor his profit/loss from mine... But won't do anything against the regs to jeapordise my account

  • @Vespasian32 buy a few thousand shares in Abdul Mohammed @6p a share and then pump £10k of your mates money into him and block him 😂

  • @Vespasian32

    It against the T&C’s to run two ports, so you’ll get yourself banned if you go down this route.

    Either add the funds to your existing port or forget the idea.

  • Would it not be better for him long term for you to teach him what you know and have done to learn the index and help him along for a few months using his own account so he can eventually make a go of it on his own and then for your services after maybe 3-6 months of help he gives you the 15% of any profit ??

  • @Vespasian32 said in Managing a port for someone else:

    @Chickenman it's a close friend... But he assures me no hard feelings if in 6 months time I only hand back 7k cos its gone bely up. Seems impossible to lose 30% even if I stuck his full 10k on high risk

    Absolutely not then mate.

    Look, I think you could easily make the money but if it goes wrong and it could easily go wrong, I don't care what your mate has said, there'll be upset and, you're gonna end up feeling shitty about it. Plus, he's gonna get nervous. It's gonna be a lot of hassle with a lot of risk, to earn £750.

    My bet is. You'd end up covering his loss out of your own account rather than let him down and that means that you're basically guaranteeing him money... so you're taking the risk really.

  • @weerab he's not a massive football fan so will never be bothered to keep up with current news etc.

  • @ocs123 yeh seems legit to just put it in my port.

    I might try restructure the deal where I guarantee him a certain return... Like 'give me £10k and in 6 months I'll return £10,500...which is good for him but very easy on the index... So I'd potentially make more than 15% and he gets a guaranteed return.

  • @Vespasian32

    Fair play. Maybe you should do it, you have nothing to lose but if it’s short term trading I wouldn’t get involved. Too much time taken up for little reward. I’d just lump the 10k on foden and open back up in a years time.

  • @Vespasian32

    If he lost 3k this month and laughing about it so I'm sure he can manage account on FI with your little help, EASY!!
    Log in, then put money on English players Kane, Sancho, Sterling, Rashford, Maddison, Greenwood, Brewster and Foden...
    dont have to be football fan to make money here!
    Log off and come back after season. I'm sure he will be on 50% up plus dividends on top of that!!
    You are active player and will be easy for you to watch this players for sure. IF anything will happen quick call, log in - sort out, log off, job done...
    I picked up only English cuz they are SAFE bets for at least one year - the easiest way here to make money!

  • @Vespasian32 I think one of the biggest questions is do you have the time? It's hard enough managing your own portfolio (I feel) as well as someone else's. Am I right in saying you flip players alot here and there or do a bit of day to day trading? Would you be doing the same for this account too and just doubling up on the players you buy? For me it would feel quite risky, I've given advice to mates when they first join etc but that's as far as it will go. It also could end up meaning you making decision you wouldn't of before to try and reach this specific goal

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