• Is Asensio a safe investment? He’s undoubtedly got amazing ability and is still very young but doesn’t get enough game time at Real. Interested to hear what other people think of him, would a transfer to another club see his value increase or not ? If he starts for Spain at WC could be great for PB

  • I think he's potentially a great buy. If he gets a move it will be to a big club, where he'll probably increase, particularly if it's to the EPL. If he starts getting more gametime at Real, also has scope to rise.

    But I'm not invested because I fear he'll float around the first team for another season without really cracking a starting place.

  • I think Real will get rid of Bale. Asensio will take his place.

  • @NewUser60527 i dont get all these rumours of Madrid selling all there best toung talent when they have much older players with high salaries they can iff load instead

  • Not knowing anything about FI when I joined Asensio was one of the first players i dabbled in my theory being.... pick the best in young players coming through on the world stage (for growth in value) and having watched Asensio play a number of times including in the flesh, I was very excited about having him on board....

    Problem being... FI doesn't work like that?

    If Real Madrid play well its usually Ronaldo that takes 'ALL' the credit so PB's and MB's are simply out of reach.... His failure to break into the team this season has held him back and i'm in fact in negative equity with him.

    However... I do think he could play a huge part for Spain this summer and I do see him as the next Isco rather than the next Illaramendi so I'm hoping he does have a future at Real Madrid and when Ronny retires for example he'll play a much bigger part (i hope).

    For moneys worth.... It's a long term punt with a bit of added hope and you might get better VFM with someone like Ceballos or Vazquez but if you believe (like i do) that this boy could become a true world class footballer then eventually i'm sure you can earn something back.... Just not sure how long it will be that we have to wait?

  • @dannypea yeah you’re right, but I honestly believe he’ll be one of the top 5 players in the world once he gets his chance. Young lads like him and Mbappé will be running the game in a few years

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