Defenders are where the value is

  • I guess I mean more in in terms of "cap app". He'll play for sure (He is rather alright) and whilst villa will lose a hell of a lot of games, I reckon his stock will rise and his current price is cheap to me. He'll double at least (John Terry is there to help, erm, advise!). Or not, whatevs. Let's find out!

    This thread is all about defenders having value- I'm not pumping!

  • Decent shout for the upcoming season, Guilbert of Aston Villa spent all of last season on loan at SM Caen, villa have him back in there first team now could make the right back position his own, very promising youngster at under 35p. Yes I own and yes I’m a villa fan 👍happy trading 📈💷

  • Another promising youngster Lorenzo Venuti an Italian footballer who played for Serie B club Lecce on loan from Fiorentina last season playing over 30 games, back at Fiorentina in preseason training could get some first team experience this season, under 30p a share 👍

  • So glad I started this thread and appreciate everyone's suggestions/advice. Keep them coming!!!

  • @Pagey74 👍

  • @Munchie63

    villa play out from the back. Dean Smiths style. This lad is good with ball at his feet & at 6ft 4 he's a goal threat. Price will rise when Villa announce him

  • Charlie Taylor at Burnley for 27p currently should see a rise. I expect he'll come on in his 2nd season in the Prem. I'm a Leeds fan so have watched this lad since he was 17 and he definitely still has potential to improve.

  • @Jumbosausage Also a Leeds fan and I agree he's a class act. Unfortunately playing for Dyche's Burnley he will never get over the half way line to cross a ball which he is so good at.

  • Nicola Murru at Sampdoria. 24 years old, 5 assists in 35 games last season (1 in 7), 8 clean sheets, year-on-year improving rating on Sofa Score and 31p.

  • I agree.
    I've been buying u25 defenders since the end of the season had some good returns on some. Between 50p to 70p there's some great buys. I've tried concentrating on European players ready for the euros which I'm hoping will give them that extra boost.
    The MB players got a boost before the SS
    The youngsters got there boost during the U21
    The defenders will have there day 🤞

  • I must admit I have bought a lot of futures in Holgate and Stephens! Looking at Southampton and Everton I think they both could play a part this season. Decent ball playing defenders! I have also taken a punt on Jack O'Connell from Sheffield Utd. Cheap players who if they take off could at the very least surpass Dunk at 59p and maybe even reach £1 each if they can earn an England call up. I have to say they are long shots but not impossible and being so cheap very little risk (O'Connell 47p, Holgate 39p and Stephens 24p).

  • @Pagey74 I personally don't like this strategy. They are low value for a reason. It's a bit like buying penny shares your chances of success is about 1 in 10. You could be better served just pooling your resources and buying one good bonefide player.

  • @NewUser147316 If you look at the recent history of the index there are some great examples of why I think my strategy is the best way for me to go. For example both Jack Clarke and Dan James as recently as January 2019 were as little as 20 odd pence. Now Clarke is worth £1.33 and Dan James £2.60.

    That is a massive return and I believe there are a lot players still massively undervalued if you research hard enough. I feel my strategy is very low risk and the potential is massive should I find the right player.

  • @Pagey74 To be fair, the 2 players you have mentioned are attack minded players.

  • @Pagey74

    Neither are defenders though. Don't mind the strategy as I agree it is reasonably low risk and if you find the right player you can maybe get appreciation to the 0.80-1.00 range. Wouldn't buy expecting dividends though.

  • @Squire1905 I accept that and I'm struggling to find attack minded players at this price.

  • I like the strategy though and I said I have a few holds of this type too.

  • @Pagey74 There is more than one way to make money on the index so as long as your comfortable with your strategy and it works for you then that's cool.
    Other think to be mindful of with James and Clarke is that they were 20p for all of a few seconds as that was there ipo price and both shot up quickly initially and have obviously continued to rise since.

  • @Burial Although very unlikely I wouldn't rule out any player for dividend wins. There are players who are under 20p who won dividends last year. Just need your player to play out of his skin for a game.

    This strategy was always based on capital appreciation but with the hope that a couple of players could pinch some dividends on the way. Also with IPD's an odd assist or goal could come in handy raising his price.

  • @janner73 That's incorrect. Both were 20 odd pence for months.

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