Lindelof logic?

  • Can anyone explain his rise today? He’s linked to Barcelona and has gone up 10%, and is still selling.

    He was 65p as a Man Utd defender, who might have picked up a bit of media which scored well as his name is Victor, but only once the season has started and MB is opened up.

    He might become a Barca defender, not picking up any MB as not in top 200, and then unlikely to pick up any next season.

    He should be falling in price surely.

    Clement Lenglet is 53p, Lindelof should be heading towards that not upwards?

  • My guess is that people are seeing the MB potential he has, that's why I bought in a while ago. He got 520MB off 5 articles yesterday, and has 120MB off 1 today, so it's possible people are seeing that and are buying in for media next season, which is less than a month away (yay).

    A few bits of unsubstantiated speculation that he could be Man U captain next season, which would do his exposure the world of good.

    I agree that a move to Barcelona wouldn't necessarily be the best for his MB but would be considerably better for his PB prospects.

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