• when do dividends get paid into your account. if I sell a MB or PB winner after twelve but before the money has been paid in will I still get the dividends

  • @NewUser123141 dividends are paid between 00.00 and 00.30 each night / morning.

    The system searches through the database to identify the traders holding the winning futures, hence the delay.

    The answer to your second question really pissed me off because no, you won't get the dividends if you sell before they are paid.

    This is not stated anywhere in the game rules but rather the first time it happens you email customer support and they will say that they will pay out this one time but it's a one off...

    When I challenged it saying that the rules clearly state that dividends are paid on futures held at midnight, asking where in the rules it states that they have to be held until payment, I was told that its not in the rules hence why they are telling me now and refunding as I wasn't aware of this...

    Seems pretty piss poor to me that we have to make allowances for a deficiency in their system but what can you do?

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