▶️ Players Valued 50p - £1.00

  • Collaborting with Jonathan Quinn on YouTube for a new series called 'Shopping List', where we will be recommending players in each 50p price bracket. Starting with the 50p to £1.00 bracket, we both choose one player each who we think could be very profitable trades.

    Part 1 is on Jonathan Quinn's channel: (link: https://youtu.be/4BnQP-sKvf4) youtu.be/4BnQP-sKvf4

    Part 2 is on my channel: (link: https://youtu.be/LwmIJT1ObRQ) youtu.be/LwmIJT1ObRQ

    Hope you enjoy guys!

    0_1562776640524_Shopping List.jpg

  • My two picks in the recent collab videos above with Jonathan Quinn, have had nice short term rises in the past few days, following links with Liverpool & Bayern Munich.

    Maxwel Cornet 📈 +8p
    Brais Mendez 📈 +8p

    Below is a quick overview of both players, but I would really recommend checking out both videos for a more in-depth discussion on why I chose these two players, and also you will get to see the two players Jonathan Quinn went for.

    Maxwel Cornet 📈+8p ( now £1.00)

    ▶️ https://youtu.be/4BnQP-sKvf4

    Very impressive statistics per 90 minutes for a 22 year old, contributing to 0.9 goals. He started a few games in May, and put in his two highest PB scores of 192 & 177.

    0_1563441991943_Maxwel Cornet.jpg

    Brais Mendez 📈+8p (now £1.04)

    ▶️ https://youtu.be/LwmIJT1ObRQ

    Really talented young player, who had a very good season despite playing for a team that narrowly avoided relegation. Long term hold as I can see him getting a move to a big club.

    0_1563442020098_Brais Mendez.jpg

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