Why you need a Data product for next season!

  • I just want the slack bot that tells me how much I individual players have risen/dropped!

  • @MrWh1te 0_1565108823160_upload-6f349f65-11cf-43a8-93bd-7382550325fc
    Get it.

  • @LuaLua too much of my profits atm

  • Can you put me down for a slack bot please? All the PB stuff sounds great but it makes it all
    sound like a calculated financial investment. Where's the fun in that?

  • @Dalien-Smith
    Sign up here and just download slack. https://indexgain.co.uk
    I have plenty of fun.
    Winning is fun.

  • @LuaLua Any chance of a personal testimony of how Gain has brought about a win. I'm sold on the Slack bot.That side of it could be useful. Even thinking getting one for the missus to help round the house but the stats I just can't visualise the value at the minute.

  • Ok sure. Well near the end of the season lot of money goes into the transfer targets. Pb players and IPD players get ignored a little.
    So a few months ago I looked at which players ended the season with the best pb yields and IPD yields.
    I figured these players would rise the most when people started to prepare their portfolios for the next season.
    lo and behold players i picked out who looked like good value rose and rose.
    Players like Laporte, Whabi khazri, Rodrigo de paul and many others.

    I'm now onto my next set of players who look like good value and were unlucky not to win pb/get more cap app last year and I expect them to kick on this year and win or get picked up for IPDs etc.

    Eg Walter Benitez
    Glenn Murray
    Jonathan Bamba

    the best way to see if it all works for you is to try it out
    (you get a basic version of the bot for free btw) and a bunch of other things)

    Do your own research 😉

  • @LuaLua I get how stats gave you an edge in the examples you gave. But PB yields and price charts. These are things I can attain for free at present right?

    Here's my issue with stats. You mention Jonathan Bamba. He played in a decent Lille team last season that finished in the Champions league places. His stats perhaps suggest more of the same this season based on the previous season. The fact is though this decent Lille team has been slowly dismantled throughput the summer and rumours circulate of further departures. The team sheet is likely very different from last year going into this season. There's every chance Lille will have a transitional season with all the comings and goings but the stats will point towards an upward trend. You can overlook the bigger picture sometimes with a unflinching loyalty to the database. Just saying.

  • @Dalien-Smith

    ahah I actually don't own Bamba that was just a random example.

    Tbf to him tho he's risen 15% or something in last month which is not a bad return if you ask me.

    I dunno Bamba's situation all that well. I assume penalties are up for grabs at lille tho. And the assumption is someone will take up the focal point now Pepe leaves and a more experienced Bamba a young player who has won divs b4 could be the man.

    You can get yields and price charts for free but can you compare them all in one go.

    I would actually say the database gives you the big picture and makes it harder to have loyalties to the wrong players.

  • Every time I see this thread I think you're saying a Daka Product and I think "this is one hell of a pump" and then I double take..

  • Well it's a bit of an old thread, but I find the wording for the free version a bit confusing.

    According to here https://indexgain.co.uk/why-upgrade-to-premium/

    • The free plan also comes with Price Alerts, but Price Alerts Premium checks prices every 15 minutes rather than 60 meaning you get notified of those big price moves much faster. Remember you can set up mobile/desktop notifications so you get alerted about the players you are interested in.

    But how do I get notifications for players, if I can't use the "My Port" functionality?

  • Whatever happened to @LuaLua? He was always insightful

  • @MickTurbo said in Why you need a Data product for next season!:

    Whatever happened to @LuaLua? He was always insightful

    Last online an hour ago, he's still here...

  • @Yellow LuaLuaLurking?

  • @Antierror said in Why you need a Data product for next season!:


    Price notifications are based on the entire index. Myport is based on the players you have added to myport tracking tool.

  • @NewUser87483 cheers, I believe that's what I misunderstood. I assumed that the price alerts for the free version does allow port tracking too

  • Ahoy all, any recommendations on a data product? I'm ideally after something that I can get into Excel and play about with but am happy to hear recommendations.

  • @Yellow I cant speak highly enough about index gain, i wouldnt be without it but i cant say iv used the other premium data products.

    Not sure how it would work with your excel, Im sure you would be able to sign up for free and have a chat with bishop (the guy who runs the platform) on slack about how that all works or not. If the order book system shakes up the index in a few months, having access to a data product will become all the more crucial imo.

  • Still think it says Daka product 🤣

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