Around the £5 purchase mark

  • Looking at investing into a player around the £5 mark, any suggestions? Looking at Mbappe (he’s a bit more I know), hazard, Kane, Salah, Rashford maybe...

  • I’d personally pick Rashford or Sterling. I don’t think you can lose with either one but I’d say rashford has more long term growth in him.

  • Sterling. No big increase recently, but been stable. No buzz over the summer.
    I expect a good increase towards season start. He is undervalued

  • @Ringers hadn’t even thought of Sterling, would probably sway for him over Rashford as it’s pretty much guaranteed he’ll have a good season and so will City, whereas as I’ve learnt in the past few years- United aren’t very dependable. Sterling seems to get the nod for England too ahead of Rashford (with the Euro’s coming up)

  • Rashford has won more dividends than Sterling, a lot of Sterling's dividends came from the racism story too. I can't disagree on Sterling and city probably having the better season but that doesn't really matter on the index, United are still media kings by far.

  • @Nally what are Rashford’s PB returns like? Cause looks like he’ll be first choice striker for the whole I’m a united fan so I should really go for the United player 😂

  • If it’s a long term investment surely it’s mbappe. A move to Madrid next summer and the euros. He will be king one day

  • Never won PB but with the top end players MB is much more important, his PB prospects will improve if Pogba is off though as he'll be on penalties.

  • @Nally personally I think pogba will stay, but do you think the fact Rashford having signed a new contract etc will reduce his MB as there should be no more rumours during the season, or is MB during the season based on performances that papers are writing about?

  • He'll be starting the season as United's first choice number 9 so he'll have many chances for MB, any time he puts in a good performance or scores a winner he'll have a great chance of winning MB that day.

  • @Nally ah okay thanks for explaining, I’m pretty new to this so have only experienced what FI is like during the transfer window, I’m yet to see/grasp what it’s like when games are actually going on

  • @ChazFI123 I’d check out the facts sterling has won me 3x the divs of rashford, I have a similar amount of each, for about the same amount of time

  • @Ringers unless footyindexscout lies he hasn't.

    Edit, ah you said for you, all time Rashford has more.

  • City are almost guaranteed to win the title and Sterling is likely to be their main man, so i’d go with him.

    Utd will do well to finish 4th.

    (I hold both Sterling and Rashford)

  • Cant go wrong either way for me. I think pog will stay but I'm sure he'll be gone next year, making rash arguably the top MB man in the prem by that stage, and as such, surely top 5 on the index.

    Sterling same again, bound to be around top 5 for the foreseeable and will be in the headlines in the run up to, and through out euro 2020, and if England were to go all the way, or even just make the final then probably for a month or so there after

  • @ChazFI123 can I ask why you are so keen to buy a player at £5? Why not just buy 2 at £2.50 or 4 at £1.25. So much better value than any of these guys being discussed.

  • @Stevo from my very minimal experience on FI it seems like the bigger priced players are always kind of the safer bets (hence the bigger price), plus looking at players around the £2.50 mark or lower, I’ve only really seen Lacazette and De Bruyne that id put in the same bracket as the more expensive players- if KDB stays fit I see him having a huge season

  • @ChazFI123 I agree with @Stevo , players at the top end of the market are not necessarily less risky, especially those whose price is based purely on potential (e.g. Greenwood/Brewster), and those priced more reasonably probably offer a better chance of capital appreciation. I know there are a lot of traders that dont agree with this, and obviously it's up to you what you do, but I just wanted to mention a different view. Best of luck whatever you decide to do 🤞

  • I feel like sterlo is due a bit of a rise. Kane and Salah too maybe. I feel those 3 are pretty safe holds.

    Salah Probably the the next player the big continental clubs will be agitating for a move.

    If you're here for the long haul then I do think you need to funnel part of your port in the safer div winning players.

  • Sterling for me. He's my biggest hold, and one of my few long terms holds that will probably get the full 3 years worth from their futures.

    He ticks nearly every box for me. English, still relatively young at 24 and soon entering his prime years, being improved and developed by a top coach to become City's main man despite it being a team that rotates a lot. He's arguably becoming England's main man too, and we have Euro 2020 next Summer. He also improved on his PB and MB (mainly due to speaking out on racism) output last year, which I expect to improve again this year.

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