Around the £5 purchase mark

  • @ChazFI123 I agree with @Stevo , players at the top end of the market are not necessarily less risky, especially those whose price is based purely on potential (e.g. Greenwood/Brewster), and those priced more reasonably probably offer a better chance of capital appreciation. I know there are a lot of traders that dont agree with this, and obviously it's up to you what you do, but I just wanted to mention a different view. Best of luck whatever you decide to do 🤞

  • I feel like sterlo is due a bit of a rise. Kane and Salah too maybe. I feel those 3 are pretty safe holds.

    Salah Probably the the next player the big continental clubs will be agitating for a move.

    If you're here for the long haul then I do think you need to funnel part of your port in the safer div winning players.

  • Sterling for me. He's my biggest hold, and one of my few long terms holds that will probably get the full 3 years worth from their futures.

    He ticks nearly every box for me. English, still relatively young at 24 and soon entering his prime years, being improved and developed by a top coach to become City's main man despite it being a team that rotates a lot. He's arguably becoming England's main man too, and we have Euro 2020 next Summer. He also improved on his PB and MB (mainly due to speaking out on racism) output last year, which I expect to improve again this year.

  • @ChazFI123 if you are mainly looking for a £5 player to see you earn dividends then pogba and Neymar are out so the obvious option is Messi. People will moan about his age and say his value will drop but personally i think hes very much undervalued.once the season starts and he’s racking up those huge PB scores week after week then getting MB off the back of it you’ll see what i mean. You should also consider looking at the £2.50 range as the above post mentioned as a lot of these ate potential the next £5 player we just dont know who but fo some research narrow it down with your head then i just trust my gut instinct and its worked so far 😉

  • This is last seasons top dividend earners. Ill post last seasons because i feel its more relevant than the all time top earners. As you can see not all the £5 players are there and there so be careful just because they are expensive doesnt mean they are safe



  • @ChazFI123 it depends what you mean by same bracket? Are you talking about real life ability or FI ability? If you're talking about real life then forget about that almost entirely because it means very little. It's about who will score bigs opta points and win you most dosh!

    I admit looking back I wish I'd bought neymar and pogba when I joined 2 years ago and possibly messi or Ronaldo but other than that I dont think the others near the top are much better in FI terms than players who are currently around the £2 mark.

  • @Stevo yeah it seems like I have to ignore every opinion I have about football 😂 seems like T Hazard is a good option/price but I’m probably completely wrong about that too 😂

  • @ChazFI123 I was guna suggest thorgan hazard actually. His PB scores have been very good and playing for Dortmund, one of Europe's most attacking teams can only enhance that if you ask me. Only down side is he may have more competition in that team as he wont be the star man any longer.

  • I joined in late Feb this year and bought both Rashford and Sterling. If I had kept Rashford I would be in the red with him. However, Sterling I have topped up several times and I'm still over 10% up in CA and have made an additional 2% in divs. Rashford is dependent on ManU success. I wouldn't bet on that at the moment.

  • @Stevo definitely, any players seems to be able to slot straight into that Dortmund attack and return decent statistics, Brandt is another option

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